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Entertaining and delightful ‘Odd Thomas’ is a ingenuous treat: movie review

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Odd Thomas


Upon viewing Odd Thomas you get a feeling of a family fun film trying to be a horror movie. While that’s certainly not a bad thing the playful manner of the film is quite welcoming. If you are a fan of horror and have a family wouldn't you want to be able to watch something with them all? While it’s still too dark and violent for the tykes in the house you and the older kids could have tons of fun with the whimsical film.

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The story of Odd Thomas follows Anton Yelchin as a small town fry cook that has an ability to see the undead. He also sees a stranger in town that has a group of bodachs following him. Bodachs are ghastly spirits that feed off of pain and destruction and usually show up when there is impeding doom. Soon the entire town is overrun with them and the only one who can do something about it is Odd Thomas.

If you have ever seen the movie The Eye (either version) then the bodachs are similar to the reapers who appear before someone dies. They are more like viruses than anything but provide a good opponent for Yelchin in the film. Anton does a great job playing the role of Odd as you can tell he had a fun time with the role. Many are happy with his performance but not just the performance of the tale. While yes it could have been darker it almost seems as if the film was setting up for much more. If you are familiar with where the books then you are aware Odd has many adventures and journeys. That is the feeling you get with Odd Thomas that another one will be on the horizon shortly. Better yet a television show would work just fine for the continuation of this as well.

Luckily for us the issues with the studios have been resolved and we will see Odd Thomas on DVD and Blu-ray March 25th. If you are expecting some feudal John Constantine bloodbath then this is not your movie. But if you desire a more family oriented tale that happens to be very entertaining then give Odd Thomas a glance when it is available. The CG is not bad and the performance by Yelchin, Willem Dafoe and Addison Timlin are delightful. There is tons of action in the film that draws into it’s playfulness as well. Overall I think you will be pleased with Odd Thomas if you take it for what it is. A fun film that will remind you of movies from your youth that dabbled in being scary but encompasses too much fun.

Odd Thomas is directed by Stephen Sommers and stars Anton Yelchin, Williem Dafoe and Addison Timlin. It will be available on DVD and Blu-ray on March 25th. It is being distributed courtesy of Image Entertainment.


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