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"Enough Said" Soundtrack Review Music By Marcelo Zarvos

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"Enough Said" Soundtrack Review Music By Marcelo Zarvos


"Enough Said"

Soundtrack Review

Music By Marcelo Zarvos

Varese Sarabande

29 Tracks/Disc Time: 36:08

Grade: C+

Comedies about 40 plus somethings has become a popular and positive thing in Hollywood nowadays and particularly impressive was "Last Vegas" starring Robert DeNiro, Michael Douglas, Morgan Freeman and Kevin Kline which to everyone's surprise had a sweet soul and was a surprising success at the box office. Fox's "Enough Said" was another similar film that which was more of an art house film, but still received alot of positive critical phrase thanks to the likeable performances of the late James Gandolfini ("The Sopranos") and "Veep's" Julia Louis-Dreyfus that really transcended to those who saw the film which was ably directed by Nicole Holofcencer. The film stars Louis-Dreyfus as Eva, a divorced, single parent who spends her days enjoying work as a masseuse and dreading her daughter's impending departure for college. One day she meets Albert (Gandolfini), a sweet, funny and like-minded man also facing an empty nest and soon a romance quickly blossoms between them. Eva then befriends Marianne (Catherine Keener, "A Late Quartet"), her new massage client who is a beautiful poet who seems "almost perfect" except for one prominent quality: she rags on her ex-husband way too much who happens to be Albert! Suddenly, Eva finds herself doubting her own relationship with him as she learns the truth about Marianne's ex. The film was an indie hit scoring over 17 million at the box office and has become a popular Blu-Ray seller for Fox at this point.

Lending his talents to score this charming comedy is the work of composer Marcelo Zarvos, a very talented and gifted composer who really specializes in romantic comedies and dramas and features a very particular sound that is reminiscent of Carter Burwell's style, but Zarvos has a more cheery elegance to it that makes it particularly as memorable as Burwell's if not better. The music for "Enough Said" is just as charming as the film, plain simplistic melodies and thematic material for piano, strings, vibes, and strings and the music works for what it does best is enhance the performances of Gandolfini and Louis-Dreyfus on screen.

Sweet tender themes and tracks abound starting with the piano infused "Eva And Albert", a simplistic theme that recurs throughout the score as their signature theme that also has a folk like quality to it. Taking a cue from the opening track, "Good Date", "Do You Want To Kiss?", "Eva Meets Albert", "First Date With Albert", "Meet Eva", "I Could Give You A Massage" and "Lonely And Anxious" are tracks that follow the lead of "Eva And Albert" as a musical way of exploring the relationship between the two leads and Zarvos does it in a subtle, romantic way that doesn't overdramatize things or linger on sappy button as most scores of this type really do. There's also a little bit of comedic moments that Zarvos chooses to score in an indirect comedic way in "Eva Figures It Out", and "Eva Snoops" and adds a touch of drama to the proceedings in "Busted", "Things We Fought About", and "I Thought You Actually Liked Me".

Varese Sarabande's release of this charming album (finally!) makes its' CD debut after being released digitally and it's a nice way to preserve it. The score is very simplistic and one that isn't going to knock anyone's socks off if they've heard scores like this, but there is a charm to it that makes it stand out above the rest. It's not the greatest, but it is a very nice score. Thumbs up.