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Engineered to impress

DC44 Animal by Dyson $399.99
DC44 Animal by Dyson $399.99
Kenneth Fish

Dyson DC44 Animal Vacuum


If someone was to tell me, prior to starting this Home Technology column, that I would fall in love with a vacuum cleaner, of all things, I would have, without a doubt, laughed out loud. Now, after living with the Dyson DC44 Animal for a month, the idea of being very fond of it seems perfectly sensical. Read on to find out how the DC44 won my affection and changed my mind forever about the fact that a vacuum cleaner can actually be considered cool.

From an aesthetic standpoint, the DC44 is just straight up nifty to look at. The motor/battery/bin/grip unit looks as good as it performs, and it performs very, very well. The various and versatile accessories, all of which are well designed, work as well or better than expected. The mini motorized tool, which is quite stout and purposefully designed, is especially good at extracting a shocking amount of detritus from hitherto ignored cracks, crevices, and beneath and behind couch cushions.

Regarding its performance, the DC44 really sucks, and like the advertisement states, “it never loses suction.” Prior to this test, the “never loses suction” tag-line really seemed like nothing but a slogan, but it’s not. Even when the battery is getting close to running out of juice, the DC44 keeps on sucking.

The performance of the accessories is also a thing of wonder. Instead of the crevice and combination tools feeling like something merely tossed into the box because us Americans have come to expect such things, they are actually well designed, nice to look at and exceptionally functional. The motorized head with its dust grabbing carbon fiber filaments is a thing of engineering beauty. Instead of just rearranging the dirt on the floor, the wide, powerful cleaning head actually does a great job of picking things up so the powerful suction of the DC44 can do the rest. Also, the motorized head is designed so that the brush can removed for cleaning which is great if you and/or the critters that live with you happen to be hairy beasts.

If there is one thing that might be viewed as minorly problematic, it is the fact that since the DC44 does such a good job at sucking up the dirt, the see-through bin must be emptied very regularly. Luckily, this is no major task. Thanks to the army of engineers working at Dyson, this procedure can be done with one hand and the push of a button.

For more information or to make a purchase of one of Dyson’s fantastic products, click here.

**Full disclosure: This vacuum was provided at no cost for editorial consideration.