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Engaging sweet fantasy from author S.G. Rogers

Clash of Wills by S.G. Rogers
cover art courtesy of author

Fantasy romance novel Clash of Wills


In best selling romance author S. G. Rogers' latest fantasy romance CLASH OF WILLS young Prince Julian confesses to being a wizard who is thrown out of his home, leaving his sister, Samantha (Sam), to pick up the pieces. Years later, he sends her one clue only: a compass and a letter to visit him in the Unchartered Lands. Her father only wants her to make a good marriage, one that will benefit the kingdom of Paloran, a marriage that is vital now that Julian has been disowned. But she wants nothing more than to follow her brother. So she tries a charade to get out of meeting Prince Wills of Insolitia, the man to whom her family hopes to betroth her, only to find he is hiding out from her too.

He does, however, promise to accompany her to the Unchartered Lands. Along the way, Wills falls for Sam but with some trepidation as he learns wizardry might not be the only secret in her family lineage. When they arrive, they learn Prince Julian has changed since last she saw him, and together they uncover a shocking family secret. Wizardry isn’t the only thing in Samantha’s blood. Nonetheless, Wills is hopelessly in love.

Is Wills crazy to love such a woman or does Samantha love him too?

Filled with a charming cast of characters, CLASH OF WILLS is an exciting quest tale of a young woman’s search for her brother, and herself, and a young man pressing forward in his duty to do what’s right. Ms. Rogers populates the story with a charming cast of royalty and fantasy creatures, and sprinkles in magic, and her signature charming wit. If you like questing princesses and kingdoms in distress you won't want to pass CLASH OF WILLS by! If you’d like to give this delightful fantasy novella a try, it’s available for Kindle on Amazon.

You can read more about the book here: Can Princess Samantha battle highwaymen, a snow demon, and a wayward prince to bring her brother home?


* I procured my review copy of Clash of Wills as a free download from Amazon.

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