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‘Endless Love’ proves love does conquer all

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Endless Love


Usually teenage romance movies are one long cliché after another and so what is the point? Boy meets girl, boy loses girl we have seen and heard it all. However, in this remake of “Endless Love” we find something different. There is a story here, and it not merely the story of a love between two teenagers who come from different sides of the tracks (she from privilege, while he does not.) No, this is more the story of a family recovering from loss. Hugh Butterfield, Bruce Greenwood, is Jade Butterfield’s father. After the loss of his older son, while he was still a Senior in high school, he has not only wrapped his arms around his family, he has not let anyone else in. Gabriella Wilde plays Jade Butterfield, his daughter, who has just graduated from high school and is going off to Brown for premed. Yet, it is clear that since the death of her brother the entire family, her brother Keith, Rhys Wakefield, and their mother Anne Butterfield, Joely Richardson, while trying to move on with their lives, have not. Enter David Elliot, Alex Pettyfer, who has had a crush on Jade since she was a sophomore. How Jade and David come together and the angst that results due to the objections of the father is the crux of the story. Yet, what comes across from this movie and what saves it, are the performances of Greenwood, Richardson, Pettyfer, Wylde and even secondary actors such as David’s friend Mace, Dayo Okeniyi. He has charisma and charm that just shines in each frame he is in.
Therefore it is not so much will Jade and David be together so much as, how this family moves on and learns to accept someone new in their life. ( Will moving on mean that they have forgotten their son?) And can they allow Jade and Keith to embrace life, meaning letting them be open to fun, making mistakes and just being young? These are questions that all parents tackle as their children enter adolescence, yet for families who have suffered loss sometimes letting go (and putting their fears aside) is a little harder. In this sense David represents that choice. By Jade choosing him, she is making the decision to embrace love and life.


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