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“Endless Love” movie review: Not much to love, but it does feel endless

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Endless Love


Another remake has hit the theaters this weekend, one that hopes to bring in couples and hopeless romantics to theaters. “Endless Love,” the remake of the 1981 movie of the same name, is here just in time for Valentine’s Day dates. I don’t always agree with critics, but this time, take Rotten Tomatoes’ 14% rotten rating as a sign to stay away. There’s not much to love about “Endless Love,” but it does feel endless.

After the tragic loss of her brother, Jade Butterfield (Gabriella Wilde) has isolated herself from her peers. She now spends her free time at home with her family, particularly her father, Hugh (Bruce Greenwood), who has since become very overprotective and controlling of her. In fact, this could also be interpreted as a film about a grieving dad and his harmful relationship with his family.

It’s hard to believe that despite being gorgeous and rich, she has managed to not have any friends at all, but we’ll ignore that. Jade did catch the attention of one guy though, David Elliot (Alex Pettyfer), who unbelievably never had the guts to talk to her for four whole years. Their paths cross after graduation and David helps Jade make her graduation party a success. The two fall in love right then and there.

From that night on, “Endless Love” is armed to the teeth with almost two hours of romantic clichés, lame scenarios, more far-fetched situations, and boring drama. “Endless Love” gives young girls the wrong idea of what love really is. Such as the idea that love is worth breaking a restraining order for.

I feel sorry for all the guys that are dragged to theaters by their girlfriends to see this movie. Guys, hope you planned something nice for you lady to avoid this flick – go watch “RoboCop,” instead, there’s a married couple in that movie, that counts for Valentine’s, right?

“Endless Love” is rated PG-13 for sex, brief nudity, and some language. Make sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!