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Elite Serum Rx Review | The Latest Innovative Formula from SkinPro

Elite Serum Rx and it's Impressive Airless Syringe Dispensing System
Elite Serum Rx and it's Impressive Airless Syringe Dispensing System

Elite Serum Rx


I've covered South Florida skin care for quite some time. I've seen many innovations, many impressive product launches, and many bogus claims made over the years. One company that's always impressed me is SkinPro, who has carved out a niche in making laboratory-tested skin creams.

Their flagship product, Elite Serum, was something I talked about in the past.

Well, they've upped the anti with their improved edition - called Elite Serum Rx.

Elite Serum Rx is considered one of the most powerful, effective and intensive eye serums available today. It is made from some of the most potent ingredients intended to treat common skin problems that surface due to the aging process.

I used Elite Serum in the past, and loved what it did for my skin. Elite Serum "Rx" had big shoes to fill, at least for me, but I was amazed at it's ability to surpass my expectations once again.

Common problems like wrinkles, fine lines, puffiness and dark circles around the eyes are all under the target list of the serum. By using it regularly and consistently, which means twice daily, people are reporting tremendous results. Just read the Elite Serum Reviews on Amazon and you'll see how the general public feels about this newly released product.

The Key is in the ingredients

The only reason Elite Serum Rx has proven to be so effective in what it does is the selection of some of the world’s most powerful and effective ingredients. All the ingredients used in the Elite Serum Rx are naturally benefitting for skin problems such as the ones you face around your eyes. These ingredients, when combined together, can help you drastically reduce the signs of aging that affect our skin and make us look old and unattractive.

Why should you choose Elite Serum Rx vs. other eye products?

Other eye cream or serum products I've used have never led to the dramatic results I constantly achieve with Elite Serum's line of products. While there are many eye creams for sale today, there aren't many with the impressive blend of peptides that makes this "rx edition" so powerful.

Elite Serum Rx is Oil Free and Made in the USA by SkinPro

The Serum is researched, produced and shipped directly from the USA. SkinPro, the manufacturer of the serum has a 7,000 square feet facility in Florida dedicated in developing products. The facility is equipped with the technological and scientifically advanced equipment that makes the production of this product possible. Every product is made under the direction of a certified pharmacist. Furthermore, random and consistent inspection tests are conducted by the FDA to make sure the quality standard is maintained.

Moreover, SkinPro is held in a very high regard by their local chapter of the Better Business Bureau. Having been in operation nearly five years, they have established a presence as the leading boutique skin care company in a very competitive space. I've monitored this company for years now, and it's nice seeing Miami on the map in the anti aging space.

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