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Eliminate anxiety and inflammation with CBD

Gevitta Canna CBD Vitamin Spray
Gevitta Canna CBD Vitamin Spray
used with permission by Gevitta

Canna Gevitta Vitamin Spray


On June 27, 2014, Carol Beberfall a product reviewer from Freehold, NJ spoke to Manalapan health Examiner Stacey Chillemi." Carol Beberfall gave Chillemi a rundown of the newly launched product called Canna Vitamin Spray. This spray was created through a cutting-edge study that aims to help people with epilepsy, Gevitta Canna CBD Vitamin Spray is powered in equal parts by science and nature to offer people the full benefits of CBD (cannabidiol) without any drawbacks. This review has just been released to the public and Manalapan health Examiner is here to share it exclusively with you.

Gevitta Canna CBD Vitamin Spray
used with permission from Gevitta

Many of us lead fast-paced lives and live out of sync with natural rhythms by going to sleep late, waking early, working long hours, not taking enough rest and leisure time, and eating when we are not hungry. However, for the over 14 million Americans who suffer from anxiety, there is a pervading sense of unease and even fear that diminishes their quality of life.

Typically, people feel tension, worry, irritability, frustration, or hopelessness. The sympathetic nervous system (fight-or-flight) is activated, causing symptoms such as poor concentration, fatigue, poor sleep, and restless, irritable, feeling tense or on edge, and muscle tension. People may also notice changes in physical health such as headaches, jaw pain, dry mouth, chest tightness, poor digestion, irritable bowel, acne, sexual dysfunction, heart palpitations and inflammation.

Over the last decade, an increasing amount of medical research has focused on the role of inflammation in aging and disease. Certain conditions, such as asthma, allergies, arthritis, and auto-immune disorders, have an obvious inflammatory component. However, chronic, low-level inflammation (sometimes referred to as “systemic” or “silent” inflammation) has now been linked with diseases ranging from heart disease, diabetes, and cancer to depression, Alzheimer’s, and osteoporosis. Inflammation also appears to be a key factor in skin aging and other outward signs of aging. So what can we do to help cure or prevent anxiety and inflammation from destroying our lives?

Is there hope?

Yes, there is hope because Canna Gevitta was created through a cutting-edge study that aims to help people with epilepsy, Gevitta Canna CBD Vitamin Spray is powered in equal parts by science and nature to offer people the full benefits of CBD without any drawbacks. Just spray 2 to 4 pumps in your mouth and enjoy CBD’s signature anxiolytic (anti-anxiety), analgesic (anti-pain), and anti-inflammatory properties.

Why should people take anxiety and inflammation seriously and treat it with a safe and homeopathic treatment like Canna Gevitta Vitamin Spray?

When you have anxiety or inflammation, you cannot function to your ability or capacity. Anxiety and inflammation causes people from doing what they love most and often leads to sadness, anger, depression and other serious medical conditions. This is why you need to find a healthy solution to get rid of your anxiety and inflammation without harming your body.

Are prescription drugs your only answer?

CBD considered by many scientists as the most important cannabinoid. It has no reported side effects and no psychoactive properties, making it legal to use in the US and in 40 countries worldwide. It has been proven to assist with pain, inflammation, and anxiety. Newly emerging research also suggests that CBD can be potent medicine against epilepsy too. Gevitta is working to find out exactly how efficient CBD is against epilepsy, and by using their CBD spray; you are effectively helping advance cutting-edge epilepsy research.

The CBD in Gevitta’s CBD Spray is derived from CBD-rich hemp oil that is extracted from the stalk and seed of industrial hemp plants. Hemp has virtually no THC, and the specific cultivars used for the extraction contain high concentrations of CBD. The extracted CBD is emulsified into a sprayable liquid form, packaged in a sleek can that provides an optimal delivery system.

In the last decade, the interest in Alternative Medicine has increased to the point that 38% of American adults use some form of Complementary or Alternative Medicine. Worldwide the numbers are much higher. People worldwide are rejecting the notion that expensive synthetic chemical and prescription medications are the only answer to our medical issues and treatment for our ailments. Instead, they are grasping and utilizing the notion of natural remedies to treat common problems. For ages, modern medicine has been well aware that medications harm the body, leaving people feeling drowsy, fatigued, weak and prone to allergies, viruses and illnesses.

The benefits

The researchers at Gevitta are working on vitamins, CBD, and other natural substances with potent medicinal properties. Their products are backed by scientific expertise that combines the latest human knowledge with the power of nature, organically refined to offer maximum benefits. These benefits are:

• 27mg of hemp-derived CBD
• Easy to use
• Fast acting
• Calming
• Relieves from pain and anxiety
• Anti-inflammatory
• Virtually THC free
• Devoid of psychoactive effects
• No reported side effects
• Legal in the US and in 40 countries worldwide
• Fantastic value for money

How it works

Using Gevitta CBD Spray is as easy as it sounds. Simply spray 2 to 4 pumps under your tongue, hold for 90 seconds, and then swallow to get the most out of your CBD dosage.

CBD has no reported side effects and there is no “maximum dosage,” so you can safely increase the dosage according to your specific needs in order to find the perfect amount of CBD your body requires.

What our reviewer thought

I received the Canna Gevitta Vitamin Spray, our reviewer Carol Beberfall used it several times when feeling anxious and on edge. She noticed in a short period after taking it that she begun to feel calm and relaxed. The edgy feeling that she was experiencing had went away. Beberfall reported the longer she used the product the better she felt. After a week and a half, Carol was not feeling that overwhelming anxious feeling. Because she was not feeling the sense of anxiety, she was able to concentrate and focus on what she was doing. She did not feel like she was all over the place and she was able to get her daily errands done.

Canna Gevitta Vitamin Spray came quickly, packaged well. There were no side effects and she loved how calm and relaxed she felt afterwards. Carol said she would continue to use this product.

As an author of the book, “The Complete Herbal Guide: A Natural Approach to Healing the Body - Heal Your Body Naturally and Maintain Optimal Health Using Alternative Medicine, Herbals, Vitamins, Fruits and Vegetables I found Canna Gevitta Vitamin Spray to be beneficial.

In addition, as an individual who has epilepsy I eagerly look forward to the possibilities that medical marijuana could control seizures. Many of the anti-seizure medications have terrible side effects and damper the ability for individuals to function at full capacity. There are also possibilities that medical marijuana can help improve and cure various conditions besides epilepsy. In my book, Gevitta is on the right track and hopefully others will follow in their footsteps.

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