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‘Elementary’ recap: The Many Mouths of Aaron Colville’ Hannibal’s hungry cousin

Elementary Aaron Colville
Elementary Aaron Colville



Aaron Colville, a serial killer with a serious bite appears to be on the loose even though he’s been dead for almost ten years. Flashback to the year 2005 where Watson was a surgeon assisting Dr. Fleming in the operating room. She even witnessed the alleged serial killer die on the table. Now flash forward to present day. A dead body is discovered with identical bite marks on the neck.

How can that be? Clearly, ghosts can’t bite. Clues lead Sherlock and Watson to the prison which was once home to Colville and to their surprise eight deadly dentures were patterned after Colville’s pearly whites. The investigation narrows the suspect list down to four, but none of them are guilty.

However, Stan, the helpful tall and lanky prison dental assistant forgot to mention receiving matching dental work during the time he was an inmate. Knowing Sherlock and Watson are sniffing around gives Stan time to take his dog and go on the run. They don’t get far. The authorities get their man but now Watson does not believe Stan is their true man. Wake up Sherlock. Watson is starting to deduce more than you.

Stan is in a world of hurt after going off his meds which deal with the after effects of castration.

Watson pays Dr. Fleming a visit. She remembers Colville whispering something to him before dying. Dr. Fleming claims Colville confessed to killing two women just before he left this earth. Our detectives do believe a Colville did murder the women, only not Aaron.

They visit Mrs. Colville, the mother. Sherlock finds a set of teeth after leaving the room under false pretenses. She is arrested for the killings and for putting the bite on the victims.

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