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‘Elementary’ Recap: ‘The Man with the Twisted Lip’ and lying tongue

Twisted Lip
Twisted Lip



Sherlock’s brother Mycroft returns unexpectedly and his presence is met with a chilly reception from Sherlock who wants to know if his brother came back to sleep with Watson. Yeah, that house is going to take a while to thaw out.

Sherlock even has the audacity to casually mention to Watson some mumbo-jumbo about him and Mycroft sharing custody of her. Offended by such a silly notion, Watson offers to kick Sherlock in his soft parts if he doesn’t knock off the nonsense.

An associate of Sherlock, Tess, needs his help in locating her missing sister Page. Sherlock and Watson’s search for Page leads them to a wooded area where they find the woman’s body along with another corpse later identified as Zack Pillar. Someone is sending drones that resemble insects to kill off snitches such as Zack Pillar who worked at an aeronautics company that manufactured drones. Therefore, it’s easy to guess a company bigwig is behind all this murdering to keep mouths shut and close out this homicide case of the week.

Now we can get on with what is truly being set up in the episode because there is a heavy emphasis on the relationships between Mycroft, Watson and Sherlock. Remember, the last time we saw Mycroft he was trying to trick Sherlock into coming back to London so why is he really back in New York?

Sherlock secretly meets with Mycroft to tell him to stop his pursuit of Watson. It looks like a nasty custody battle is about to begin for sure. More than that, Sherlock notices a man sitting in a corner of the restaurant and remembers seeing the man there the last time he was on the premises. Sherlock tells Watson about it, but she sees this as sheer coincidence. Sherlock does not. In fact, he even suspects Mycroft is tied to the man somehow.

It is now Watson’s turn to meet up with Mycroft and he confesses to wanting to explore their relationship further. Watson cautions putting this exploration on hold at least until she finds an apartment of her own. She later spots the mystery man inside the restaurant, sneaks a photo of him and goes home to do a little digging of her own. The guy turns out to be a criminal and she thinks Mycroft should be warned. Sherlock is still not convinced of Mycroft’s innocence.

Watson goes back to the restaurant to spy on said mystery guy. She follows him into a dark ally where he drops off an envelope. It was a ploy. This is where Watson’s amateur detective skills fail her. The man sneaks up and grabs her, dragging her into a waiting van. Watson has been kidnapped!

Tune in next week to find out what is it with Mycroft since it appears he may have been behind Joan Watson’s disappearance. Next week’s episode will bring out Sherlock’s raw anger since he cares deeply for his partner and Mycroft was apparently using Watson to lure Sherlock.

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