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‘Elementary’ recap: ‘The hound of the cancer cells’ and dogged by cash

Sherlock on the case
Sherlock on the case



Tonight’s episode opens up with a man by the name of Dr. Barry Granger passing out on the shower floor after someone sends wisps of helium his way. He pleads for his life in one of the best Donald Duck voices you will ever hear. Unfortunately, by the time Sherlock & Company arrive, they find the man fully dressed, seated in a chair wrapped in plastic with a bogus suicide note for an explanation. Of course we know passed out folk can’t possibly kill themselves and Sherlock ain’t buying it either.

Joan “side detective gigs” Watson commits to helping Marcus locate a runaway witness. When she does find the frightened witness, Joan also discovers the young woman has more to worry about than herself. She is pregnant.

Sherlock soon learn that the deceased Dr. Granger was being accused of medical fraud and sought out help from a former college love interest who also happens to be an Israeli Intelligence agent. She didn’t kill him nor did his CEO female friend.

Dr. Granger was, however, testing a breathalyzer which would detect cancer cells. This medical device was created by CEO Hank Prince and when Prince’s wife is found murdered also, Sherlock suspect he is the actual target. Apparently, breakthroughs in medical discoveries can not only be lucrative but the competition can be cutthroat as well.

It doesn’t take Sherlock long to figure out who is targeting Prince. It’s an hour show. Prince is targeting Prince! Oh what an elaborate tangled web we weave when millions of dollars in alimony is about to be received. Bottom line – Dr. Granger believed in Prince’s device, meaning the man would make millions upon millions of dollars, meaning he would be paying his soon-to-be ex-wife through the nose.

So what is Prince’s solution? Kill ‘em. The police’s solution? Book him.

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