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‘Elementary’ recap: ‘The Grand Experiment’ season finale




Last week, Sherlock interrupted Mycroft and Joan’s alone time to warn Mycroft he’s been tagged as a murderer and a traitor to his country. Mycroft has a hard time believing his brother until Sherlock presses Mycroft’s car key remote and Mycroft’s car goes boom. Sherlock’s tests of theory can be expensive.

As Sherlock and Joan work together to determine who is behind Mycroft’s frame-up, Sherlock begins interrogating her. Just a day or two before Sherlock caught his partner and brother after “the act,” Joan was practically vomiting her disgust with Mycroft. So what’s changed? Oh wait and see Sherlock.

Joan takes a stab at guessing who is the real mole in the agency and comes up with Sherrington, Mycroft’s handler. Now the game is afoot. The problem is Sherlock wants to play the game by himself for a minute. Joan’s decision to move out has agitated his meds.

With Sherlock downtown being questioned by Captain Gregson for possibly aiding and abetting Mycroft, Joan is home alone until Sherrington rings the doorbell. He’s fishing for answers regarding Mycroft’s whereabouts. He’s a desperate man, that one. Sherrington threatens to put one of Joan’s eyes out with his thumb and that’s when she turns on her computer screens. All of them. Each screen showing faces of folks she’s linked up to, folks who would make excellent witnesses. You can see the blood drain from Sherrington’s own face before he leaves.

Sherlock comes home and is upset by this latest incident involving Joan. He can barely concentrate and traces their troubles, Joan’s recent scares, back to Mycroft and his MI-6 business. Tired of all his verbiage and finger pointing, Joan tells Sherlock the truth about why Mycroft joined MI-6. He made a deal with them in order to spare Sherlock any jail time.

You can see the blood drain from Sherlock’s face too but for a different reason. He pays Mycroft a visit as only he knows how…slip into a person’s home or room without them knowing so they can wake up startled to see him sitting there. Anyway, Sherlock gives his speech about making things right and asking for forgiveness. He also gets reflective with Joan, expressing his desire to become a better person.

Mycroft finds Sherrington chomping down at his favorite New York City dining establishment. Mycroft has a gun in his pocket pointing straight at Sherrington, but Sherrington is a sly old dog. If framing innocent people weren’t such a bad thing he should write a book about it. He has one more set-up for Mycroft. If anything were to happen to him, a letter will be sent to the French crime family and Sherlock and Joan will become targets again.
While tidying things up at the precinct, Detective Bell receives a phone call that the body of a British nationalist had been found. Joan and Sherlock’s hearts skip a beat. The medical examiner pulls out the drawer and we’re all looking at Sherrington’s corpse. Who saw that one coming?

Do the Holmes brothers have a history of burglarizing buildings? When Sherlock and Joan arrive at the brownstone, Mycroft is sitting on the stairs waiting for them. Sherlock asks if he killed Sherrington. Mycroft denies doing the deed. He does confess to making a deal with the NSA. One of their agents took care of Sherrington but this particular deal has cost Mycroft dearly. The NSA has faked his death so now he must disappear…from New York, from England, from Joan and from Sherlock’s life forever.

Joan tearfully races up the stairs. Sherlock reverts back to his old self and starts balking at his big brother. Mycroft sees through his baby brother, hugs him tightly and tells him how much their time spent together has meant to him this past year. Yeah, Sherlock, you might as let your guard down. We see right through you too.

After Mycroft leaves, Sherlock goes up to Joan’s room but she is on the phone making arrangements to look at an apartment. The pain of loss is increasing for Sherlock. Hurting emotionally, he goes downstairs to a book in his bookcase where his last bit of heroin is located. Hopefully, Sherlock has tossed it.

Sherlock the goes to see Sherrington’s boss and accepts his previous offer to work for MI-6. Great London Bridge is falling down! What could possibly be in store for the fans next season?

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