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‘Elementary’ Recap: ‘The Art of Blood’ and deception

Art in the Blood
Art in the Blood



The Holmes brothers are super bad, but first an anxiety-ridden Sherlock’s nerves are soothed when Joan calls to say she is safe and at home. Mycroft is there also along with armed men standing by. Sherlock thinks British Intelligence is there to arrest Mycroft. He couldn’t be more wrong. Mycroft “is” British Intelligence. Sherlock Holmes is stunned and left with his mouth gapping wide open.

Now Sherlock thinks MI-6 is not so intelligent if they recruited Mycroft and finds it hard to believe that his brother was able to keep such a thing from him for over a decade. Forget the fact that Joan is home safe and sound he just can’t wrap his brain around this bit of news.

The next day, the Holmes boys meet with Mycroft’s handler, Mr. Sherrington. DeSoto was picked up by MI-6 so Sherlock and Joan will no longer have to look over their shoulders because of that evil. Before the brothers leave, the handler offers a case to Sherlock to solve, pointing out that he did save his partner’s life and for that Sherlock is grateful. He also saved Mycroft’s life and for that Sherlock said he will let him slide. Sherlock is hilarious in his jabs and insinuations that Mycroft lacks vital man parts…a brain.

The handler wants Sherlock to investigate the murder of one of their analysts, Arthur West, who contacted the agency after a long absence stating he had crucial information for them. Sherlock agrees to look into it and Joan jumps at the chance to assist him. Their first stop is at the morgue to view the corpse. The armless corpse. The medical examiner swears the body was intact when last he saw it. This leaves Sherlock to conclude there was a break-in.

Sherlock visits Arthur West’s ex-wife, a tattoo artist. He sees evidence that she may have tatted up Arthur’s arms with secret codes written in invisible ink.

Mycroft stops by to apologize to Joan who immediately rakes him over the coals. She never wants to see him again. Sherlock is happy though. He’s quite pregnant now with this increasingly interesting case. Mrs. West drops by the brownstone. Although Sherlock did not know Arthur, Arthur knew of Sherlock and was impressed with him. Arthur, the analyst, was assigned by MI-6 to analyze the complex phenomena known as Sherlock Holmes.

It must be Christmas because Mrs. West hands over the best gift, a photo of Arthur’s readable arms. He was convinced there was a mole in the agency and now she thinks whoever killed her ex-husband is now after her. Sherlock and Joan put her up in the guest bedroom. Joan later springs a whammy on Sherlock. She’s moving out. He views this as a knee-jerk reaction to her terrifying ordeal. She views this as a grown woman’s decision to have some privacy and maybe decorate the place with a frilly thing or two. Nevertheless, an upset Sherlock sulks his way out of the brownstone. The next morning, Sherrington finds Sherlock sitting alone in the park and offers him a permanent job. Of course, the answer is no.

Apparently, Joan meant she never wanted to see Mycroft again that night because we see her knocking on the door of his apartment the next day. She seeks answers to a particular time in his life. Unbeknownst to Sherlock, Mycroft’s re- joining MI-6 (yes, he’s always been a secret agent man) was part of a deal to keep Sherlock from going to prison. Aww, he’s noble after all.

After Sherlock is shown a set of fingerprints matching those on the weapon that killed Arthur West, he leaves the police station rather quickly. Obviously, he has a hunch. He goes home and dusts off the jar Mycroft had handled previously. He then bursts into Mycroft’s apartment as he and Joan are getting dressed. Joan has changed her mind about a lot of things.

The couple is dumbfounded as Sherlock explains Mycroft is being framed for murder and treason.

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