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‘Elementary’ Recap: ‘Paint it Black’ or not at all

Paint it black
Paint it black



Not knowing his partner Joan Watson has been kidnapped, Sherlock keeps trying to reach her while obsessing over the possibility she may be bedding his brother Mycroft. But when Mycroft shows up at his doorstep alone, he realizes something is wrong.

So who has Watson? A criminal syndicate manned by a Mr. DeSoto who wants trade off Watson for a man named Pierce Norman. Mr. Norman is believed to have stolen a list from Mr. DeSoto who wants it back with the help of Mycroft. Frantic and angry, Sherlock agrees to work with Mycroft in finding this alleged thief and after they do, Mycroft is to remove himself from their lives forever. Mycroft shakes his head in agreement but he also gives Sherlock his unsolicited opinion. He thinks Watson is the person Sherlock loves most in this world.

Watson is being held somewhere that has the same comforting appeal and charm as the brownstone she shares with Sherlock. Drab with sparse furnishings. The NSA is also in pursuit of the elusive Mr. Norman but only Sherlock has figured out where he is. The man is dead and buried in the backyard of an upscale home. Does this mean the bad guys will send Watson home in the same condition?

The brothers dig the body up and lay it on the kitchen counter like today’s groceries. It doesn’t take Sherlock long to figure out that Pierce Norman did not steal the list. He had been deceased for over a week and dead men don’t steal. The real thief is still at large but Sherlock knows who he is and tricks the man into coming over to his house.

Watson’s kidnapper tells her Mycroft is not the man she thinks he is. In fact, he’s been a part of the whole sordid mess all along. She pays him with a never-you-mind, putting her faith in her friends, namely Sherlock.

After Sherlock nearly resorts to using Chinese water torture to get the whereabouts of the list, Mycroft deals his brother a double-crossing hand by tasing Sherlock in the back. He then calls DeSoto to tell him has the list and will see him shortly. Once stable on his feet, Sherlock goes to the NSA seeking help in locating his taser backstabbing brother.

Now comes the time for pearl clutching. Mycroft may not be who any of us thinks he is. He arrives at the drop site to exchange the list for Watson, but then Desoto instructs his men to kill Mycroft and Watson. Where is the honesty in deal making these days?

Anyway, Mycroft has one request. In a calm and cool manner, he utters three words, “Paint it black.” This is apparently a code for black SUVS to come careening from out of nowhere carrying men dressed like Ninjas and taking out evil men with weapons larger than a pea shooter. And to make you furrow your eyebrows even more, they call Mycroft “sir.”

So who is Mycroft really? Does he work for the NSA? Lucy you got some ‘splainin’ to do.

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