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‘Elementary’ recap: ‘Ears to You’ and other unwelcomed guests

Ears to You
Ears to You
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Air date March 6

Previously on ‘Elementary,’ Lestrade re-appears, gets mugged and stays with Sherlock.

Current day, Lestrade is still around. In fact, he’s been Sherlock’s house guest for 19 days now, but who’s counting? Sherlock, of course. Even Sherlock’s pet rooster has made itself quite comfortable at his new digs. Maybe he won’t feel so at home if the frying pan and vegetable oil ever comes out.

Meanwhile, over at someone else’s house, a man by the name of Gordon Cusher opens a small box and its contents causes his glass of wine to go airborne across the room. Your glass would fly too if someone sent you a pair of human ears. But something else had him even more spooked. Several years ago, Gordon’s wife, Sarah, disappeared and he has been suspected of actually killing her ever since. Of course, he’s always maintained his innocence and admission to falling out of love with her. According to him, Sarah drank like a fish and did unforgivable things, but he wanted to prove she was not dead, at least not by his hands.

Gordon believes Sarah was kidnapped and the kidnappers sent those ears. He even says he would know his wife’s ears anywhere. Wow, he’s good. Most people could not tell the difference between one ear from another unless the organs belonged to Mr. Spock. Nevertheless, DNA tests confirm the ears do in fact belong to Sarah so law enforcement work in conjunction with Gordon and set a plan in motion to pay the ransom since Gordon did eventually get such a call. Against police orders, Gordon deviates slightly from the plan and he is found standing over the body of the “kidnapper,” blood on his shirt and a weapon in his hand.

Gordon is convinced Sara is behind this so Sherlock and Watson seek Sara out at an AA meeting. Sure enough, she is there and in firm possession of her ears. What? How can that be? Sara gives some cockamamie story about them using the wrong hair brush for DNA samples. Leave it to Sherlock to figure it out though. But first, we learn Gordon was seeing another woman or as Sherlock puts it – a visitor to his bedroom. However, the mysterious ears don’t belong to said visitor either. She was killed in a car accident some time ago. Who is the rightful owner of those severed ears?

Sherlock feels Joan need not help the self-pitying Lestrade. Let the man hit rock bottom so he can find his way. And by “find his way,” Sherlock means find his way to the gutter. What Lestrade does find is the guy who mugged him and his confidence back – thanks to a clever manipulative Sherlock.

Finally, what do you know? Those ears really do belong to Sara (in a way) thanks to her new plastic surgeon husband who can mold cartilage like Play Dough and use as bartering chips for ransom money.

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