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Elegance in a bottle

Elegance in a bottle, Manzanita Chardonnay
Alison Brooks

Manzanita Chardonnay


Russian River Valley is a world class wine growing region in California. When you pick up a bottle and it says 'Russian River' you know there is something special in that bottle. Grape varietals like Chardonnay--known as the 'Queen of White Wines'--thrive in this cool climate. Ripe fruits, such as peaches, apple, melon, and Meyer lemon, are common characteristics of Chardonnays from the Russian River Valley, which contrast with the oak-heavy wines typical of Chardonnays from many other California regions.

Manzanita Chardonnay 'Elegance' 2010 is a great example of what wines from Russian River Valley have to offer. Elegance is the perfect word to describe this wine. The aroma is filled with ripe pear and juicy mango. Sip this wine and you will be greeted with a touch of butterscotch, apple and a creamy vanilla toast on the finish.

Manzanita Creek Winery strives to produce the best Chardonnays. The winemakers have taken a not so orthodox approach to creating such phenomenal wines. The Manzanita Creek winemakers are self-taught, but you'd never know it. The wines are sourced from select vineyards around the region. Their motto is simple: Great wines, No scenery, Never boring. Their concentration is on the production of the wine, not the winery. Love for the grapes and the art of winemaking shine through all their wines.

World Market in Pentagon City and Baileys Crossroads carry this wine for $19.99 and member price $7.99. Now that's a deal! World Market membership is free and worth the time signing up online. If you're looking for a wine to pair with the perfect pasta dish or just to sip and eat some cheese, this is the perfect wine.