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Electric Wizard - "Time To Die" ( 2014 Spinefarm Records )

Electric Wizard- Time To Die
Electric Wizard, Spinefarm Records

Electric Wizard - Time To Die


Electric Wizard are back after a four year absence since their last offering “Black Masses”, which was labeled a return to the fuzz dusted classic sound that fans could not get enough of on what is often considered the measuring stick of the bands discography, “Dopethrone”. Lets get right to the gettin, “Time To Die” is not “Dopethrone”, or “Black Masses”. I know, no reason to continue reading right? Wrong! Few select bands can get by with putting out the same record time after time. The Wizard are known for their thunderous low end, venomous psychedelia, and their misanthropic down tuned messages of Satan, dope, and morose outlook of mankind and humanity. Couple this with the return of drummer Mark Greening, and you have the recipe for total destruction.

“Time To Die” kicks off with the opening track “Incense for the Damned”, a ten minute plus opus that sets the tone with thunderous satanic and death influenced doom. The Wizard make no bones about it, they do things their way, and the album has a gritty, dirty feel from start to finish. Paired with all the disgusting sludge, are heaping doses of Sabbath inspired riffs. Riffs that could crumble mountains, and summon death itself. The drums that made The Wizard masters of the heavy macabre return to pummel all that dare stand in their way, along with the crushing bass that could make Thor fall to his knees and beg for mercy. Oborn’s vocals serve as perilous narration of the procession of humanity.

Overall, I give “Time To Die” a 9 out of 10. Electric Wizard create some of the filthiest, dirty doom ever to be heard blare through any set of speakers made. The Sabbath riffs, thrown into the mix for a straight up jam add nicely to the depressive three men and a lady package of nasty. The vocal delivery throughout the entire album is like another instrument, that can only be played by the most despondent of conductors. Songs that hit you instantly are “I Am Nothing”, for it’s methodical, depressing, cold and remorseless delivery of death. It grabs you and holds on for over eleven and a half minutes. “Funeral of Your Mind” is a psychedelic slab of heavy that will transport you to the alter of sacrifice. Embrace the dark, embrace the cold. Become one with the undercurrent of dismay, and fly the flag of hate high. Rejoice, for the bearers of the end, Electric Wizard are back!


1- Incense of the Damned

2- Time To Die

3- I Am Nothing

4- Destroy Those Who Love God

5- Funeral of Your Mind

6- We Love The Dead

7- SadioWitch

8- Lucifer’s Slaves

9- Saturn Dethroned

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