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Electric Adventure Atlanta gives EDM fans a wild ride

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Electric Adventure Atlanta


If you think about it, EDM and roller coasters have quite a lot in common. Both build anticipation and allow you to reach killer heights. They throw you for loops, have sick drops, and take you on a wild ride. Now imagine both of these things, together! This just a taste of what Electric Adventure is like.

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The first ever Electric Adventure took place at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, NJ in October 2012. After the event's huge success, Area Event and Six Flags Entertainment Corporation, along with GameChangerWorld, Disco Donnie Presents, and Liquified, brought the event to the Atlanta market for Electric Adventure Atlanta on April 12.

Electric Adventure Atlanta was held at Six Flags Over Georgia on a beautiful, 70s and sunny Saturday. Festival ticket holders were admitted into the park as early as the park's opening at 10:30 a.m., giving attendees plenty of time to ride all of the rides before the music started at 4 p.m. After the park closed for the general public at 9 p.m., Electric Adventure guests also received exclusive access to the rides closest to the music park, Ninja and SkyScreamer, until the festival ended at midnight. While there was some initial confusion from attendees and park workers alike as to whether or not the entire park would stay open until midnight, once everyone realized what was going on, they were able to return to a fun and carefree time at Electric Adventure Atlanta.

Of course, riding roller coasters was just one aspect of this combined theme park and music festival experience. The festival was held in the private pavilion areas surrounded by lush green space and lakes set to the backdrop of the roller coasters. The pavilions had full stage setups with lights, lasers, and video projections, and there was plenty of room to dance, wander, and socialize. The all ages music festival had tight security, and every time you left the festival area to return to the park, you had to go through security again to re-enter the festival. This was a slight inconvenience, but it was completely understandable. Next time, however, the security guys should be educated beforehand on flow toys--poi are not weapons! Luckily, light toys were allowed into the festival, and hoops, poi, and faux whips were spun with delight to the soundtrack of hot EDM tracks.

Before the event, there was a lot of talk on social media about the lineup for Electric Adventure Atlanta, which fell mostly into the category of trap. Speaking as someone who does not consider herself a fan of trap, the acts all did a phenomenal job of energizing the audience with their amazing stage presence and a variety of songs across all genres. The crowd also contributed to the joy of the event, bringing the vibe and keeping the energy levels up all night long. Everyone I spoke with had a great time--even if they claimed they didn't even like trap. It was a shame to know that the lineup kept some EDM fans away, because they really missed some great shows and a wonderful experience.

Adventure Club, a decidedly non-trap, dubstep act, was the highlight of the festival for me. Their set had everyone dancing and singing along, and this was still early into the festival day, with four more acts to follow. Later in the evening, headliners Brillz and DJ Snake pulled out all of the stops, with massive bass sounds mixed with top hits from yesterday and today. Chants of "ATL, Ho!" from the crowd were thoroughly appreciated and encouraged by Brillz and DJ Snake, making this a unique and decidedly ATLien experience. Throughout the evening, there was a beautiful cycle of the crowd feeding off of the DJs' energy, which in turn fed the DJs energy, who brought it right back into the crowd again. The energy level was so high at midnight that noone wanted to leave; I know I could have danced for several more hours!

There were two festival stages at Electric Adventure Atlanta, the main stage and a support stage with a full lineup of great local acts, but the crowds gravitated toward the main stage. It was a shame to see the support stage get so little support, but that can mostly be attributed to the headliners and the energy of the crowd at the main stage. If Electric Adventure were to come back to Atlanta and have the same attendance, it might be a good idea to only have one stage. Alternatively, a more diverse lineup would likely have brought a larger crowd, but for what it was, it was great!

Aside from a few minor hitches, Electric Adventure Atlanta was a truly awesome experience. As with any event in a new location, this was a learning experience for festival planners, park workers, and attendees alike, and it can only get better. If they did this good of a job their first time around, I can only imagine how much better the next one will be. If Electric Adventure returns to Atlanta, I would gladly attend again, and tell everyone I know about it!

Although another Electric Adventure Atlanta has not yet been announced, this summer Area Event and Six Flags Entertainment Corporation will be bringing Electric Adventure to several other U.S. markets (dates and locations to be revealed soon). If you missed out on the fun in Atlanta, or you had such a great time you want to do it all again, check out and like on Facebook for the latest information.