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Elastin 3 Review- Does This Stretch Mark Cream Work?

Elastin 3 Review
Elastin 3 Review

Elastin 3 Stretch Mark Cream


Elastin 3 Advanced Stretch Mark Therapy is a product essentially designed to prevent the development of stretch marks and reduce the appearance of newly formed stretch marks. It uses special proteins commonly found in other anti-stretch mark formulations. The stretch mark cream is being sold by several retailers. It is from a company called Robelyn Labs Inc. which was founded in 2005. The company is very new and still hasn’t established a reputation in the cosmetic industry.

Key Ingredients
The primary active ingredients of Elastin 3 are as follows:

Elastin – this is the main ingredient in the formula. It is naturally found in the skin, which allows it to stretch without getting damaged to prevent the development of stretch marks. The problem is that the body’s production of elastin declines as a person gets older which increases the chance that stretch marks will develop. Thus, the elastin in the formulation of the anti-stretch mark formulation helps prevent the development of the ugly skin problem.

Collagen – this is an important part of the skin’s support structure. It is added to the formulation to promote the production of new skin cells in the epidermis. The formulation of Elastin3 uses hydrolyzed collagen, which is a special form of collagen that is easily absorbed by the deep levels of the epidermis.

Soy – this is a relatively new active ingredient in skin care products. It has been found to offer excellent skin rejuvenating benefits both internally and externally. The formula uses a special soy extract complex that includes glycoproteins, isoflavones, proteoglycans, carbohydrate polymers and mucopolysaccharides. It offers a new balance in the cells of the skin, allowing them to emerge more moisturized making the skin smoother and more uniform.

How Elastin 3 Works?
The key to preventing the development of stretch marks is strengthening the elasticity of the skin. Elastin 3 Advanced Stretch Mark Therapy essentially works by providing the skin with elastin, collagen and a special soy blend to strengthen the skin. This prevents micro-damage from occurring which is the main cause of the appearance of stretch marks. The formula also deeply hydrates the skin to help prevent the development of stretch marks.

What Users Say About Elastin 3?
There are mixed reviews from people who have tried Elastin 3. Most say it only works slightly, but only for preventing the development of stretch marks. According to users, it isn’t effective in reducing stretch marks that are already visible. Some users say it only works slightly in reducing stretch marks that are newly formed. Overall, the anti-stretch mark formula is only effective for the prevention of stretch marks. Before using the anti-stretch mark formula, perform skin testing to check for any allergic reaction. If you have very sensitive skin, it would be best to consult your dermatologist.

What Are The Side Effects of Elastin 3?
The only side effect connected to Elastin3 Advanced Stretch Mark Therapy is skin irritation which occurs when the user has very hypersensitive skin or if he/she is hypersensitive to any of the ingredients in the formulation of the anti-stretch mark product.

- The formula contains proven active ingredients for preventing stretch mark development.
- There are some good reviews on the product saying it works.
- It is being sold in several retail stores.
- The formula is quickly absorbed by the skin.
- It contains moisturizing agents.

- The product is not clinically proven to be effective.
- It is not offered with a money back guarantee.
- For a product that only works slightly in preventing stretch marks, $79.95 is a very high price.
- There are many negative reviews on the product saying it doesn’t work or the formula only has a minimal effect in preventing stretch marks.
- It isn’t really effective in reducing the appearance of already formed stretch marks.
- Some users experienced skin irritation from the formula.

Final Thoughts
Overall, Elastin3 provides some benefits, but it’s not really an impressive anti-stretch mark formulation. Yes, it is used mainly to prevent stretch marks, but it isn’t very effective for reducing already formed stretch marks. The formula is also priced very high, especially considering its below average effectiveness. This is not a highly recommended product for stretch marks and there are clearly many better products being sold today.

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