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Elaine Macko's 'Pickled' offers winning recipe for mystery novel

Welcome back to Indian Cove. Meet a new victim in 'Pickled.'
Welcome back to Indian Cove. Meet a new victim in 'Pickled.'
Cover art courtesy Elaine Macko

'Pickled' by Elaine Macko


When author Elaine Macko undertakes murder, she finds most creative ways to commit the crime. In her latest offering, Macko dispatches the victim with a giant pickle at a celebratory meal for a pickleball league.

In Pickled, the new Alex Harris mystery, Alex and her beloved grandmother MeMe attend the dinner to sell copies of a fundraising calendar featuring male senior citizens, several of whom belong to the league. When Humphrey Bryson's body turns up in a restroom, his wife calls Alex and asks her help in solving the case. Her husband, Detective John Van der Burg, isn’t above taking advantage of Alex’s inquiries to help him identify the culprit.

Followers of the series will enjoy visiting with Macko's continuing characters in the town of Indian Cove, CT. Alex’s sister and partner in the temp agency they own, Samantha and her family play a part in the novel, as do their parents.

The relationship between Alex and John continues to mature. Their interchanges crackle with their mutual attraction, even as they work on solving crimes. Smart dialogue and clever situations elicit memories of classic detective couples.

The book is as tasty as the chocolate candies Alex craves. She travel into New York City and visits towns in Connecticut in her quest for information pointing to a solid motive. Since Bryson wasn’t a nice man in his dealings, there are plenty of possibilities facing her. As she sifts through the facts, Alex also deals with business issues and family projects. She’s a busy lady, but following her life can become addictive.

The cover of the book, every bit as delicious as the contents, garnered attention on social media as Macko asked for votes on several possible covers. The winner shows a table at the dinner set with food, including a container of giant pickles and a wicked-looking serving fork.

Macko is already working on the next installment of The Alex Harris Mysteries. Who knows what clever mode of murder she’ll use next time? Fans will just have to wait and see.

Pickled by Elaine Macko

Available in print and ebook form

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