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El Pueblo Brings A Touch Of Mexico To Folsom

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Andy Soto



In late March I happened upon a very non assuming restaurant while on the way back to Sacramento from Folsom. El Pueblo Cocina Mexicana, located in a strip mall is one of Folsom's best kept secrets.

A huge draw for me is always a good Happy Hour. El Pueblo's Happy Hour goes seven days per week, from 3-6 P.M. The list is long, but just to give you an idea as to what is offered, house wines and house liquors can be purchased for $4. Beers like Pacifico and Negro Especial are available for $3.25 and there are several food items to choose from like the cheese quesadilla with either carnitas, shredded chicken, or beef.

It also turns out, El Pueblo was the first place in the area to offer Corona on tap, and could be the only place to get it outside of the bottle in Folsom. If you can't make it for Happy Hour between 3 and 6 then you are invited to come in all day Wednesday or Thursday when you can get Happy Hour food items with the purchase of a beverage.

Now here is another fact to be put in the win column for this place- they use no cans in their kitchen for anything- only fresh ingredients are good enough for their food. Behind the bar it's fresh lime juice and organic agave nectar for their margaritas. While I'm touching on margaritas, it is absolutely worth mentioning they have a pretty impressive drink list. I saw things like the Mango Jalapeno Martini, made with Effen cucumber vodka, muddled jalapeno, fresh lime and organic agave nectar. I tried “El Hombre”, made with Maker’s Mark Bourbon and fresh orange, mint and ginger. It was a delicious twist on the classic Old Fashioned which is a cocktail I try at every bar I have a seat at.

Now another big plus for me was watching Danny, the owner/operator of the establishment, do his thing. Danny was primarily stationed behind the bar but I pegged him as the owner immediately because of the fact he seemed to have more at stake than that of a bartender there to put in their six hours and go home. Danny was awesome, he engaged with us and his other bar guests, answered questions, made mean drinks and dropped what he was doing when his staff needed attention or coaching. The owner at La Fiesta on Elvas avenue in Sacramento I wrote about in December could take a lesson from not just Danny but his entire staff on how to do it right. It's not that difficult if you start off with giving a crap about your guests.

With both Mexican cuisine and Mexican cocktails being among my very favorite, I am always going to be more critical when visiting a place for the first time. I'm looking for the authenticity and fresh ingredients that El Publo Cocina Mexicana delivered with flying colors. The plan here is to go through the entire menu on visits in the near future and share descriptions of these items in great detail. If future experiences are consistent with my first, we are all in for a treat.

El Pueblo is Located at 6608 Folsom-Auburn Rd #1, Folsom, CA 95630

Andy Soto