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Eken Is Dead Drops New Album "Outlier"

"Outlier" Eken is Dead's new album.


Fast, fist in the air, mosh-pitting music. That pretty much describes Eken is Dead. But, in my opinion, the thing that separates them from most bands out there is they have lyrics that say something, make you think, evoke emotion - whether it be rage, love...well you get the idea. They did it again with their new album “Outlier”.

A great must see band. They just dropped their new album "Outlier".
ROCKwell UnScene MUSIC Magazine Melissa and Wes Anderson
A must see band.
ROCKwell UnScene MUSIC Magazine Melissa and Wes Anderson

Outlier will give Eken is Dead fans what they crave; the same great combo of hard rock, alternative, metal and punk . This album has 5 brand new songs and an added bonus of a re-mastered version of “At Any Cost”. That makes me very happy since that is my favorite Eken is Dead song!

I listened to the full album and, I have to say, that my favorite tracks on the album are “Trained to Hate” and “As Soon As Tomorrow”. I loved the lyrics In “Trained To Hate” and the fast, hard beat. It spoke to the metal chick in me. However, the softer side of me loved, loved, loved, “As Soon As Tomorrow”. It was as soft as Eken Is Dead will get. So, if you know them, you know that it still kept that hard punch in your face that you look for from this band.

This is the 3rd Eken is Dead album released from Blacksound Records. It was recorded at Fletcher Dragge’s Screaming Leopard Studios in Hermosa Beach CA, engineered and mixed by Prick Reuben “ a.k.a. Gagg Green”, and mastered by Gene Grimaldi at Oasis Mastering, Burbank CA. The team did a great job bringing a clean and professional album to fans.

As performers, this band is a must see on stage. Every band member is a master of their instrument. They give everyone who attends an experience. Lead vocals, Chris, seems to favor coming into the crowd and making fans part of the show. Then you have Gagg Green, 6 or more string bass god. He delivers the goods every time he plays. Vic, guitar, strums his strings as if they were part of his own fingers and he was just flexing. Props to Jake on drums for being the animal of the group and owning his kit. If you are in the Western United States, get ready becuase the boys from Eken is Dead are going to invade your stages and give you all a giant music ear-gasm!

Written by: Melissa Anderson - ROCKwell UnScene MUSIC Magazine. Photo's by ROCKwell UnScene