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Eerie America Book is a thumbs up for Dark travels

Eerie America-Travel Guide of the Macabre


Eerie American by E.R. Venor (Corvis Nocturnum) and Kevin Eads, J.D. Is a delightfully easy to read book and excellent source of information for traveling to America's creepy, spooky and unique destinations.
Each state is broken down into different categories, such as Where to visit, where to eat and where to stay. The photography is beautiful and the well written descriptions of all these locations makes the reader want to get in their car and go exploring. Added details for each travel site include the actual address, hours and contact information. A handy guide for making trip planning smooth and drama free.

Eerie america
Corvis Nocturnum

My top 5 picks to visit based on this book, Eerie America

  1. China flat Museum (Bigfoot collection) Calfornia
  2. Resurrection cemetery in Illionois
  3. The witches grave in Illionois
  4. The Haunted town of Atchison Kansas
  5. Voodoo museum in Louisiana

Eerie America the book is also a catalyst for the filming of a new travel series call Eerie America where Travel host and Author Corvis Nocturnum explore all of these destinations with his team of researchers. Currently the TV Series is filming season 2 and looking for sponsors and investors. Readers can find out more about the New TV Show and watch an episode by going to


Readers who want to learn more about Mr. Corvis Nocturnum may also find this previous interview with Mr. Corvis Nocturnum of interest. In this interview Corvis discusses the concept of the book and TV show and what went into the making of each.


I highly recommend Eerie America for anyone who wants to explore the many different weird travel sites in America. This road trip guide to the unusual and strange will keep your traveling interesting and who knows you make come away with a few new tales to tell yourself.

To order your copy of Eerie America and start exploring go to

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