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"Education of a Guardian Angel" by Annie Stillwater Gray

Education of a Guardian Angel by Annie Stillwater Gray (Published by Ozark Mountain Publishing
Education of a Guardian Angel by Annie Stillwater Gray (Published by Ozark Mountain

Education of a Guardian Angel by Annie Stillwater Gray


Dear Readers, how often in this column have we talked about our Spirit Guides? We’ve talked about how to connect with them directly, the messages they send to us synchronistically, and so much more. What we’ve never talked about, and frankly, I never gave it a thought until I read Education of a Guardian Angel by Annie Stillwater Gray, is the training and education necessary to be a Spirit Guide.

My Guides have often channeled information to the effect that we all have Guides, and when we’re not in body, we sometimes take on the role of Spirit Guide for another soul during their incarnation. But what does it take to prepare to be a Spirit Guide for another soul? Surprisingly, quite a bit! Ms. Gray notes that our Life Guides have undergone rigorous training in order to qualify to assist incarnated souls with the challenges of Earth life, and after reading this book, I have a new level appreciation for every one of my Guides. In fact, I am going to triple my “thank yous” for all of their help.

Education of a Guardian Angel is written in such a way that you won’t be able to put it down, and if you’re anything like me, you will have many AHA! and REALLY! and NO KIDDING! moments as you meet and learn about Darcimon Stillwater, a newly departed soul from Earth, who learns he has the opportunity to become a Spirit Guide. The narrative follows Darcimon (aka Darci) as he faces test after test, learning to interact with the human world as a Spirit Guide, and includes lots of great information about karma, birth imprints, death imprints, telepathy, healing, and the workings of the universe.’

What makes this book even more interesting is that Darcimon Stillwater is the author’s Life Guide, and has been working with her for more twenty five years. This book is their story, and as such is a very personal look into both of their lives and in-between lives, that made me weep with happiness.

At $19 for 597 delicious and nutritious pages, Education of a Guardian Angel is a steal; and it’s available now at;, and B&
About the author: Annie Stillwater Gray is a writer, mystic, astrologer, teacher, healer, singer-songwriter, and much more! She has her own syndicated radio program called The General Store Variety Show, which is in its 15th year. She has been helping consciously connect with their Spirit Guides since 1989, and also has a BFA from Boston University in graphic arts. For more about Annie, please visit
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