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'Edge of Tomorrow' rocks

Edge of Tomorrow


Summer is the time when many people leave their homes and visit vacation communities. Of course, to the people who already dwell in these communities, it may feel as though foreigners are invading them. Maybe that’s why there are often summer blockbusters about alien invasions. Some examples are “War of the Worlds,” “Independence Day,” and “Pacific Rim.” This weekend, a contribution to this genre opened, “Edge of Tomorrow.”

In “Edge of Tomorrow,” alien creatures called mimics are attacking earth. William Cage (played by Tom Cruise), a PR man for the U.S. Army, is ordered to film a military invasion in France. Since he has no training for front line activity, he refuses and is arrested. William tries to run, but is tasered and ends up at a military base. Here, he has no choice but to fight in the invasion, which he does not want to do since he will probably die. Battling mimics requires a specialized battle suit he does not know how to deploy. While in combat, our hero is doused with alien blood and dies, but then wakes up the previous day and has to relive the day repeatedly after dying each time. While in battle, William meets Rita Vrataski (played by Emily Blunt), who tells him to find her when he wakes up after getting killed. Rita experienced this same thing, but no one believes her. They must work together to fight the mimics and are able to use what they have learned the previous day to be slightly more successful in their assault on the mimics with each passing day.

“Edge of Tomorrow” has a similar story to “Source Code” and “Groundhog Day,” other films in which characters are destined to re-live the same day. The great action scenes in this movie provide a unique twist. The battle that William has to keep reliving is similar to the harrowing and extended opening of “Saving Private Ryan,” and like that movie, it is very gritty.

Tom Cruise is excellent in the lead role. We see that William is confused at first, but he learns a lot as he relives the same events over and over again. Emily Blunt is equally impressive as Rita, who is a symbol of resistance against the alien invasion due to her skills in combat.

“Edge of Tomorrow” is a great choice for fans of science fiction.