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Edge of Tomorrow Movie Review

Edge of Tomorrow movie


De ja vu to the extreme! This film is one you will want to see over and over again! Tom Cruise and Emily make a good team. Under the direction of Doug Liman all of the actors deliver good performances. Tom plays Major Cage a reporter in the media department for the US Army who is thrust into combat forced to fight with no military training in a war he didn't start and certainly doesn't want any part. Emily plays Rita a female soldier who is the reigning hero of the war saving many lives. Her secret is now his secret. Imagine reliving your death everyday and dying in different ways again and again. This is what happens to Cage and Rita on a daily basis as a result of a freak experience they both share.

The enemy in the film are aliens called Mimics. No one knows where they come from and so far fighting them has been a loosing battle. The special effects in the film are phenomenal! The agility of the Mimics is amazing. They are like scribbly blurs all lit up on the screen. The XD effect in the film enhances it for the better. When the bullets are flying you feel like you too are in the war. The aerial shots really make you feel like you are falling and the characters on screen are so close and larger than life that it seems you can just reach out and touch them. This film is more than a movie. It's an experience that all should share.

Overall this film is a definite must see. Tom Cruise looks great and appears to be in the best shape of his life. Emily Blunt looks equally as well, which is good because this film is so physical. It gets 5 out of 5 popcorn bags.