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‘Edge of Tomorrow’ loaded and explosive

Edge of Tomorrow


What if the world was fixed in which time itself could be reset, while the fate of humanity hung in the balance? "Edge of Tomorrow" stars Tom Cruise as Major Cage, a former ad exec who gets drafted when his company tanks to sell the war between humans and an alien race called Mimicks. Cage admits he is afraid of blood and does not want to have anything to do with the war. However, when he is recruited by General Brigham, Brendan Gleeson, he is arrested and sent to training camp as a private.

A warrior woman

When Cage is in training camp he is put into company J and set to learn how to fight. Yet, on his first mission there they do not teach him how to fight or even turn off the safety on his weapon so he can defend himself. It is on his very first mission that tragedy strikes. Out of the murk and action a lone woman, Rita, Elizabeth Blunt emerges. He tries to save her but cannot. Cage is then struck by the alien and he dies as well. Or does he?

‘Edge of Tomorrow’ is fast paced, filled with cool looking aliens, and high drama. Yet, it is as if the scriptwriters merged “Ground Hog Day” with “Starship Troopers”. While this concept may seem interesting (at times it lends itself nicely to many moments of hilarity) the story as a whole suffers from a lack of development. One salient question is how does Cage go from coward to a hero? If there was a moment of epiphany in which he crossed over from deserter to hero, it is absent from the film.

We can see that through his relationship with Rita, (the woman he tried to save in the first fight) that there must have been many scenes which were in the original story that were omitted due to time constraints from the final print. Yet, the final effort, the interplay between characters, action, and story remain interesting, exciting and thought provoking. The only slight on all of this, is why at the end of very time travel story, we seem to end up back where we started, untouched and unruffled by the torrent that went on before. To this end, we must ask, what was the point of it all?