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Edge of Tomorrow a worthy theater choice for Action film devotees

Edge of Tomorrow


What if you could live each day without fear of reprisal? What if you had a second chance at love, at second chance at life, or a second chance at correcting life-altering mistakes? For Golden Globe winner and multiple Academy Award nominee Tom Cruise and Golden Globe winner Emily Blunt, their opportunities to take a mulligan or a do over are plentiful in this summer’s Sci-Fi Action hit Edge of Tomorrow.

With a Groundhog Day style plot that would make Bill Murray proud, despite a modest showing domestically, Edge of Tomorrow has performed well worldwide, grossing over $318 million dollars in revenue to date.

Tom Cruise plays Major William Cage, an Army reservist who specializes in public relations and recruiting, who suddenly finds himself demoted and thrust into a combat role as the armed forces unsuccessfully battle aliens called Mimics. In the line of duty he encounters Rita, played by Emily Blunt, a fellow soldier who holds the key to his survival and that of the human race.

Blunt is exceptional in her portrayal of the alluring yet aloof Rita, the Army’s poster soldier hero who must train Cage in hopes that he can assist her in finding and eliminating the Omega, the leader of the Mimics.

The repetition of scenes can stretch the audience’s patience, but the onslaught of action and highly appealing visuals and special effects are quick to engage to viewer back into the fray.

For action film lovers, Edge of Tomorrow will more than suffice as the film’s steady barrage of debris and mayhem propel the movie through its entirety. Tom Cruise fans should also celebrate his solid role and continued dominant presence in the Action genre.

Those who are still contemplating catching this release in local theaters should do so knowing that this film is much better served by the large screen and big sound of their local theater compared to that of even the best home theater system.