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'Edge Of Tomorrow (2014)' Movie Review: Let the aliens win

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'Edge Of Tomorrow (2014)'


The Earth is in rubble. An alien force called Mimics who live in a hive like existence have devastated the planet for some time. They have overtaken all armies that have been sent against them. Time is running out for Earth and something must be done or the planet will die. The mimics are too fast and with their telepathic powers no one seems to do anything about them. The armies of the world are joining forces and will try a last desperate offensive to overtake the horde of Mimics.

Lt.Col. Bill Cage (Tom Cruise) is an inexperienced officer who is sent on a suicide mission. Within minutes Cage is taken down and killed. He was able to take an Alpha down with him but in doing so he has come back to life again and again. He will awaken at the beginning of the day and will continue until he fights again. Because of his contact with the alien he has come into a time warp and has to fight the creature over and over.

Cage each time around has become a better fighter and more knowledgeable of what he must do to kill the alien. He has also come into contact with Rita Vrataski (Emily Blunt) who has killed more Mimics than anyone on Earth. Between the two they are growing stronger and each time have an opportunity to overcome the time loop. In the process they hope to learn how to destroy the Mimics and save the planet Earth.

The action is there and you have all the computer graphics that a person could love but it is like watching Groundhog Day all over again but with lots more fighting and action. The movie is lame. If this is the best that Tom Cruise can come up with then maybe this could be looked at as amid-life crisis and he is looking to replay a stud.

Director Doug Liman tries his best with Cruise but Cruise does not seem to have what it takes to continue to be the top box office draw, he once was. Oh don't get me wrong but they will make money but seriously don't waste it. Times are tough and there are better things to spend it on.