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Ecotech backpacks really make the grade

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Ecotech Snow Leopard Backpack


A backpack is a functional item, required fare for most school-aged children, and we generally give little thought to them. We might not think too much about them, but our kids sure do...and it's not what you might be thinking, either. You might think, "Yeah...they just want the latest hot brand or logo emblazoned across the backpack," but it turns out this simply isn't the case. For our review, we had a 10-year-old reviewer take the Ecotech Snow Leopard for a spin. That spin started in September, and the kid and the backpack are still going strong. Kids can recognize quality when they see it.

In the reviewer's own words:

If you want to play AAA hockey, then you have to have good grades. That means bringing home lots of books. So, I got the Ecotech Snow Leopard backpack. Before I got the Ecotech backpack, my back always hurt from my books and other stuff. I have noticed my back doesn't hurt when I use this backpack. The Ecotech Snow Leopard has pads all over it. It has pads were your books are so you don’t get the problem I got from my old one. The Ecotech also has lots of room for your books or even sports gear. The Ecotech Snow Leopard also has lots of pockets so you can have your school stuff in one pocket and your clothing in a different pocket. I like all the padding it has.

This backpack has good durability. None of the zippers have broke and I have had this backpack for awhile now. After all of its use, it has no rips, tears or holes. You can't say that with all backpacks. The backpack doesn’t just feel good, it looks good too. The backpack is safe, too. It is reflective, so if you are a walker or a biker, cars can see you. For you bikers out there, you will be glad to hear what I am about to say. This backpack has buckles that go around your waist and 2 straps that go around you chest. You can pedal lots faster that way.

If you try this product I am sure you will be satisfied just like I was. Overall I have to say that the Ecotech Snow Leopard backpack is a great product.

There you have it, out of the mouths of babes!