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Eating local at home and away: Chicago

Nana Organic Restaurant


When sampling local cuisine while traveling, you get the best of both worlds: sumptuous local food and an opportunity to try something different. On this trip to Chicago, it was a plan to share a family style dinner at Nana. Nana is a cozy and embracing space: warm lighting, great artwork, friendly staff and fantastic menu.

Poblano cornbread graces the plate with lime cilantro slaw.

Arriving a few minutes before dinner service a seasonal drink, lady marmalade, was in order. Any drink with orange and ginger beer has to be good. A lovely salad of fresh mixed greens, pickled veggies and a vinaigrette was served first. The salad was followed quite quickly by mac-n-cheese, fried chicken, poblano pepper cornbread, fresh greens, and a perfectly balanced cilantro lime slaw. For dessert, a super moist tres leche cake with toasted coconut on top.

If you are ever in Chicago and have an hour or two to spend with friends and family, check out Nana. It is a great place with great food and great people.