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Easy digital reading with IceCream Apps

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The IceCream Apps eBook Reader


A startup company called IceCream Apps has recently launched their set of free software. This software includes six applications that revolve around digital media, presentation, and functionality. Basically, they've created a set of applications geared towards making the everyday things we do on the computer, for both work and play, a little easier. If you're a reader, then you've probably been introduced to the wonders of digital eBook readers. Digital eReaders have made collecting story after story easier than ever, but many people have come across a downfall when it came to these little machines: Each eReader has it's own format and you can only read eBooks that are compatible with that particular format. So, if you have a Kindle, but the book you want is only available for the Kobo, you're out of luck. This is because the two eReaders use different formats; Kindle books generally come in MOBI format, while the Kobo uses EPUB. This has the potential to be an inconvenience for many book lovers.

One of the new applications IceCream Apps has recently launched is their eBook Reader. You're probably thinking: So, what? I can get Kindle, Google Play Books, and a bunch of other eBook Readers on my computer. Having an eBook reader on your computer isn't anything special. Except this eBook Reader actually is special, it provides us with features no other eBook Reader has previously. The dilemma of format vs. eBook Reader is obsolete with this software. This software not only turns your computer into an easy to use eBook Reader, but actually allows you to upload and read ebooks in multiple formats. It gives you the ability to put all of your favorite eBooks in one place, on one reader, easily, without the issue of format getting in your way.

The IceCream Apps eBook Reader currently supports EPUB, FB2, and MOBI, but the developers have promised that more formats will be available in the near future. Even now, prior to adding more formats, the IceCream Apps eBook Reader still supports more formats than most any previous eBook Reader available. In addition to the useful multiple-format feature, this eBook Reader is extremely user-friendly. It's interface is smooth and easy to navigate. They kept the general interface simple, which means you won't have to struggle to learn a bunch of new controls and commands just to use the eBook Reader app.

The IceCream Apps eBook Reader also comes with some cool features that make the whole experience more comfortable for the reader. Things like night mode for easy low-light reading, full-screen mode, bookmarks, and the search feature enhance your experience all around. You can even choose from around eight or nine different language settings, so don't worry about not being able to get this eBook Reader if you don't speak English, you can simply switch the settings to your preferred language.

Finally, one of the best aspects of this eBook Reader (and all of the software available from IceCream Apps) is the price: You can get this new, user friendly software for free. Currently the six applications available from IceCream Apps are only available for Windows systems, but MAC versions are soon to follow.

You can find The IceCream Apps eBook Reader on their website, it is currently available for download along with their other five applications.