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Easy and delicious recipe for French pear jam

Rebecca Franklin's recipe for French Pear Jam


Are your pear trees overflowing with fruit this year? My neighbor brought over two bags of pears to share, and I was eager to try out the attached recipe for pear jam. I've had great luck this year with plum preserves (see Domenica's recipe for Plum Jam rocks!) and fig preserves, so I started looking through web sites for an easy to use, flavorful pear recipe. I saw several recipes with lemon or spices, and decided to try the Countryside Pear Jam Recipe by Rebecca Franklin.

Rebecca describes her jam as a "classical, French confiture". It uses no pectin, only fruit, sugar, cinnamon and ground cloves. The recipe takes a while to cook - about an hour and a half, depending on how soft the pears are. The flavor is sweet, but not so sugary that you don't taste the pears. The color is of the jam is a deep gold, but my batch did not turn out as transparent as the picture on the recipe site. The preserves jelled quickly into a soft jelly. This recipe deserves at least a 4 for taste alone!

I've included a short video by Martha Stewart which shows how to core pears quickly and easily which will help cut down on preparation time.

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