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Earthschooling...a great little find



I just wanted to share this bit from my blog.

We have always home schooled and now 2 are graduated and 2 are still at home. My kids will tell you we have tried MANY different things over the years, some worked, some didn't. Many cost a lot of money, some were reasonable and some were free. I like free but free didn't always work, now Khan Academy is free and it works, my son is happy with it my daughter is so so and still likes her Teaching Textbook book we bought for $5 at a used curriculum sale.

Anyway I am really excited because somehow I managed to read my emails in a timely manner about a month ago (this happens rarely, sometimes I will go all weekend and not even open the computer, oh also an odd phenomenon for me, I used to live on this thing), anyway I lucked into an email inviting me to join a group of folks who were buying into a Co-op Family Curriculum Package from The BEarth Institue. When I went and looked and saw that it had everything and I could include the High School option and that enough people were going in that it would be too good to pass up I was in.

Now I will tell you the high school part is just in its early stages but there was enough in there for 9th grade which I have one of those =). Plus we already have our math and I was just looking for some creative things to build some interest and they have that stuff, loads of it especially in the younger grades. My daughter is 7th and my son is 9th, but they have sciences that are interesting for a variety of ages.

So what is this, what style? It is geared to the Waldorf Style, just natural learning and I love that but even if you are more technical there is something for your family in this. Great stories, interesting science and lots of hands on ideas and whether you purchase the Co-op Package or the Family package it is for life and it will only keep growing. The best deal is to grab some friends and go in on the Co-op together.

I am so excited because while I knew our garden was a great learning spot I couldn't always figure out how to make it that, yes I need guidance that is just how I am, this program has that guidance and so much more.

So head on over to and check them out. We did the co-op Package and so glad we did.