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Earthing, synchronizing your body's energy field with Earth's electrical field

Earthing, by Clinton Ober, Stephen T. Sinatra, MD, and Martin Zucker
Earthing, by Clinton Ober, Stephen T. Sinatra, MD, and Martin Zucker
Cover by Clinton Ober and The Design Partnership

Earthing, a book by Clinton Ober; Stephen T. Sinatra, MD; and Martin Zucker


Shamanism requires a connection with the Earth, and the earth spirits, that modern, urban people like Houstonians find difficult to make. We no longer feel connected to the Earth. We no longer feel her heartbeat.

That disconnection has led to not only spiritual woes but also physical ailments. Research has now shown that the electrical system of our bodies is (and has to be) regulated and synchronized with that of the Earth herself.

A new book, Earthing, tells how Clinton Ober, a man who had built a successful TV cable installation company became too ill to run his company, sold it, and set out to regain his health. In the process, Ober discovered how to ground the body's electrical system to heal himself and others.

He came to realize that people were literally insulating ourselves from the Earth's healing current with plastic-soled shoes, wood and synthetic floors, and rubber car tires. We may go for years without ever touching the ground with bare feet.

Meanwhile we live in the midst of tremendous electrical fields from transmission lines, household appliances, cell phones, electrical wiring, computers, magnets, motors, and more. Those electrical fields all affect each of us, keeping us from synchronizing with the Earth's field, sometimes by seriously disturbing our own fields enough to cause dangerous illness and intractable pain.

Looking for scientific research to verify what he had discovered, Ober found that there was none. And researchers laughed at him till some graduate students took pity on him and taught him to set up scientific studies himself.

Eventually Ober's work caught the attention of Stephen Sinatra, a prominent cardiologist who was interested in alternative healing methods that could help his patients. The results the Dr. Sinatra achieved with earthing were astonishing, and he wrote papers about it.

The inventor and the physician collaborated with Martin Zucker, a professional science writer, to write the book, Earthing, to spread the word. The book reads like a mystery/adventure story. The science is easy to understand and interesting.

Is Earthing the most important health discovery ever? Let us know what you decide after reading it.

I highly recommend reading Earthing if you want to be healthier and get in tune with the Earth. You can read more about it.