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Earth Friendly Wines for the Discerning Picnics, Barbecues & Hiking

Alison Brooks
Paperboy Chardonnay and Red Wine

Paperboy Wines


Dreams of outdoor dining, picnics and grilling (not in the snow) are common among folks in the DMV area. This year's winter has been rough and very drawn out. Safe to say if we get anymore snow there might be some riots at local weather stations (like it's all their fault we get snow!). Perhaps now the dreaming can become a reality and the outdoors can be enjoyed once more.

Spring and early summer are prime picnicking times in this area. Too late into summer around here and its just so gosh darn sticky that sitting in one place can be very unpleasant. Picture this: sunny and 75, picnic blanket laid on the grass by the Netherlands Carillon. Fresh veggies, cheese, meat and wine rest on your blanket. All sounds wonderful, except lugging a heavy glass bottle of wine. But, of course, the wine is a necessity. Box wine is too bulky to pack and those little "wine boxes" that resemble juice boxes for grown ups just don't hold enough vino for your group. Too bad there isn't a bottle of wine in an easy to dispose of and lighter bottle.

Good news, there IS an easy to dispose of, lighter bottle of wine for your picnicking adventures! Paperboy wines are the first 100% recyclable wine "bottles" that are 80% lighter than glass. Which means less fuel to ship to your favorite wine shop. The wine bottle is made out of compressed paper. The wine is held in what some call a plastic "bladder" or plastic liner, but that's not as much fun to say. The labels are recyclable paper printed with water soluble ink. Total weight filled with wine - 1.9lbs. Best part after consuming the tasty liquid inside the bottle breaks down in size so it can be put into a bag and then properly recycled.

OK, clever, earth friendly packaging, but is the stuff inside the bottle any good? It's good. It may not the greatest wine ever produced. However, if you're looking for good wine to take on a picnic, camping trip or hike, it's perfect. The red blend is a fruit forward smooth wine. It's filled with raspberry and cherry with a nice finish. The Chardonnay is not your typical heavy oaky chard. Light to medium body with lemon on the nose followed by a
lemony toasty smoke on the palate. It's quite refreshing.

Paperboy red blend runs $15 at Safeway and the Chard is $14. These wines are made to not only be green and earth friendly, but appeal to the hikers, campers, hang out on a boat, picnickers. It's no Chateauneuf de pape, but they go well with grilled meats, cheeses and veggies! So be green and try Paperboy for your next outdoor adventure. And remember: recycle, recycle, recycle!

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