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'Earth 2 Volume 2: The Tower of Fate' offers adventures in alternate universe

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'Earth 2 Volume 2: The Tower of Fate' Graphic Novel


DC Comics takes us to an alternate universe with "Earth 2 Volume 2: The Tower of Fate." In this other reality we can experience our favorite super heroes embarking on fun adventures that don't affect the regular goings-ons of the New 52 world. Basically, it's a world where writers can do anything they want to whoever they want and get away with it because it's not happening in real canon.

"Earth 2 Volume 2: The Tower of Fate" collects issues 0 and 7 through 12 of the monthly title, as well as DC Universe Presents issue 0. Earth 2's super heroes are being rounded up by the World Army. Dr. Fate and Kid Flash have retreated into the mystical realm of Nabu. The mysterious protector of Nabu, known as Wotan, needs the assistance of Dr. Fate in entering a tower and finding the secret locked inside its walls. The question is, "For what purpose does Wotan seek this powerful secret?"

James Robinson pens an intricate and tantalizing tale with "Earth 2 Volume 2: The Tower of Fate." It's nice to get away from the confines of regular canon every once in a while. We get to see what happens to beloved characters when they're at the mercy of suffering any fate the writer comes up with. It's easy to do when you know there are no real repercussions in the New 52 universe.

Several artists handle the penciling work for "Earth 2 Volume 2: The Tower of Fate." Nicola Scott handles the bulk of the illustrating. Tomas Giorello and Tom Derenick each work with their own sections of the 0 issue. Yildiray Cinar offers up his talents for DC Universe issue 0. Each one brings something to the table that helps give the book a sense of visual variety.

"Earth 2 Volume 2: The Tower of Fate" is rated T for "Teens." There are scenes of violence and some adult situations and images parents might want to watch out for. Overall, there's nothing a regular reader of DC Comics hasn't already been exposed to.

Bonus material for "Earth 2 Volume 2: The Tower of Fate" is included. There are variant covers and a sketchbook featuring penciled pages, covers, and character designs. Artists who contribute to the extras are Nicola Scott, Brett Booth, and Yildiray Cinar. It's interesting to see what pages looked like before they were colored and inked.

"Earth 2 Volume 2: The Tower of Fate" isn't really necessary reading. It's entertaining and gives those interested a vacation from the regular timeline we're used to taking in. My only wish is that there were more Batman-related characters involved in the stories.

"Earth 2 Volume 2: The Tower of Fate" is available now in paperback, hardcover, and Kindle editions.