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Eagle Rock WERKSHOP Workout Wear

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Recently I was outreached by a new company called Eagle Rock WERKSHOP that has out of this world creative athletic pants that I just had to see for myself! This collection is completely unique in the market of super-bland workout wear and as they say "styled for fashion, designed for function".

So, what do they look like?

Wild! What designs don't they have, is the real question! From fire, to stars, to Egyptian headdresses and abstract florals - they have it all.

I do crossfit and have been testing out my new leggings over the past few weeks and I have fallen in love. At first I was a little nervous that they might be too bold for such a serious sport, but they were instantly embraced by the other members. I got so many compliments that I wanted to wear them each time I went to class, and had to remind myself not too! bah!

Oh, and minor detail - they perform! And WELL! Squats, jerks, snatches, sit-ups, hang cleans and sucking-wind in the corner - well, I looked good doing all of those things.

And, did you know...

This entire company was funded by a kickstarter campaign! They requested $20,000 to create performance leggings with a fashionable flare and apparently the people wanted it -- the campaign has now raised over $90,000. That's a lot of leggings! Each pair retails for $88 - and so worth it!