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Dyson's DC65 Animal Upright Vacuum: 'A clean sweep!'

Dyson's DC65 Animal Upright Vacuum


The best advertisement for Dyson is their customers, who are fond of talking about how much they love all their Dyson products: vacuums, cooling fans, heaters, etc. My own kin are included in this group of Dyson proponents, as most family holidays also include an in-person demonstration (as part of the post-feast cleanup).

A clean sweep!
Brian Hart

But, I, myself, not being a vacuuming connoisseur, have never owned a Dyson vacuum. However, after reviewing the DC65 Animal, I, too, have become an enthusiast for this brand.

The DC65 is a full-size upright vacuum that is available in the following three models: Multi Floor ($499.99), Animal (reviewed unit, $599.99), and Animal Complete ($649.99).

All three include a unique converting crevice/brush tool, stair tool, owner's manual, quick start guide, and registration card. The Animal version also has a tangle-free turbine tool (with counter rotating heads that remarkably spins hair/string into a ball without jamming) and a soft dusting brush. The Animal Complete comes with all of the latter accessories plus a tool bag, stiff bristle brush, soft dusting brush, multi-angle brush, and Zorb carpet maintenance powder.

The picture-based instructions make assembly extremely straightforward and quickly accomplishable with all of the accessories clicking into place. In fact, through constructing the vacuum, this author developed a deeper appreciation for its design. From afar, Dyson's color combination has always been appealing with its deep shades of grey joined with touches of a vibrant purple, yellow, or blue. But the DC65's beauty is much more than “skin deep.” For example, the hose and wand completely hide away into the back of the vacuum's handle. The aforementioned allows for a sleeker appearance as well as a straighter airflow for improved cleaning.

Of note, this vacuum's suctioning is twice that of the competition. Unlike other vacuums where one has to make several adjustments to the cleaner head (i.e., raising and lowering it to maintain its contact to changes in flooring), this Dyson product requires zero alterations. The aforementioned is due to the DC65's active base plate on the cleaning head that automatically adjusts to the flooring being cleaned, thereby, maintaining more suction and collecting additional debris.

While the DC65 increases cleaning intensity, it simultaneously lowers usage difficulty. This Dyson incorporates much of the components into a single rotating ball that smoothly turns via twisting one's wrist. Alternatively, a standard vacuum is limited with its fluid movements to only traveling forwards/backwards. When not in use and in the upright position, this Dyson product has two, extendable wheels that stabilize the vacuum. Impressively, a single button releases the dirt canister and, once freed, the same button empties the canister (via opening a bottom hatch) into an open trash can. Lastly, the DC65 has a lifetime filter that removes over 99.97% of dust/dirt/allergens and subsequently is certified friendly for those with some lung conditions, as determined by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA). According to AAFA's Senior Vice President, Mike Tringale, "To earn...[this] certification, Dyson vacuums had to pass rigorous tests for removing allergens from carpets, measuring levels of airborne allergens during vacuuming, filtration integrity, cleaning performance when the bin is almost full, and easy, hygienic bin emptying. Dyson machines meet or exceed the strict criteria for all these tests."

Additionally, every DC65 has a 5-year warranty on parts and labor. As an aside, although this author has not experienced any issues with the reviewed vacuum (perhaps due to the company's thorough testing, as seen in their YouTube clip), he did recently return a separate Dyson item (a heater) for a safety recall. Previously, Apple had been number one in the author's mind for returning products since they would send a properly fitting box, tape, and a prepaid mailing label. Yet, Dyson has unexpectedly trumped Apple, thereby, earning my number one spot for return simplicity. The entire process involved completing a brief online form with contact information, and then dropping off a printed copy of the previously mentioned form plus the product at a UPS store. It was literally the most uncomplicated operation…ever.

From a distance, Dyson's form alone has been powerfully charming, and it is completely logical as to why they are exhibited in museums all over the world. Through testing, the DC65's functionality is amazing by the amount of crud it picked up that my previous low-cost vacuum had completely left behind. Dyson's cleaning capacity, ease of use, and warranty has fully sold me on their superior products.

Rating: 5 out of 5

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