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Dyson’s AM05 Hot + Cool Fan Heater: ‘Oh the weather outside is frightful!’

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Dyson’s AM05 Hot + Cool Fan Heater


This author lives in Florida, where the weather seems to defy all logic. During the winter months, it is not uncommon for the temperature to fluctuate 40 degrees Fahrenheit even within a day! Thus, in such a climate, one needs to be flexible in maintaining thermal homeostasis.

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James Dyson the founder and spokesperson for Dyson Inc. was a pupil at Byam Shaw School of Art and Royal College of Art. Pulling from his knowledge of form and function, Mr. Dyson created the Ballbarrow. The aforementioned was a modified wheelbarrow where the front tire was replaced with a ball, therefore, distributing the force of the load over a larger surface area. Hence, the Ballbarrow was less likely to be mired in boggy earth.

Yet, according to Dyson’s website, the air filters in the spray finishing room of the Ballbarrow factory were commonly hindered by finish particulate. Mr. Dyson’s educational background and motivation to succeed lead him to correct the issue with centrifugal force. Like a centrifuge, the heavier finish particles were forced further from the point of rotation, thereby, separating them from the remaining air.

This experience with centrifugal separation lead Mr. Dyson to develop thousands of prototypes over five years and, ultimately, produce the company’s first vacuum. Through this previously described process, Mr. Dyson truly became an expert with propelling air and went on to create bagless vacuums, hand dryers, as well as fan heaters.

The design of Dyson’s AM05 Hot + Cool Fan Heater ($399.99) is reminiscent of modern art with a sleek elliptical loop atop a cylindrical pedestal. While the model reviewed was predominantly black with silver accents, there are two additional options that include white with silver highlights and grey with blue trim.

Setup was exceptionally simple and involved locking a bottom trim piece into place via properly aligning and then twisting counterclockwise until an audible “click” was heard. Amazingly, operating the product is just as straightforward, thus, everything is controlled with a numerical LED display for the desired temperature and the following four buttons:

• Power button - outlined with red during the heating mode and with blue during cool air mode
• Thermostat button - allows one to select a temperature from 32 to 99 degrees Fahrenheit
• Aiflow Speed Button - ranging from 1 (light zephyr) to 10 (small gulf stream)
• Oscillation button - rotates the product approximately 90 degrees in order to fill a room

The included remote (approximately 8 cm in length by 3 cm in width) possesses the same four buttons, as does the product. Moreover, the contour of the remote comfortably fits in this author’s hand and ingeniously attaches to the top of the AM05 via magnets to prevent its untimely loss.

Similar to either a turbocharger or jet engine, Dyson’s AM05 Hot + Cool Fan Heater draws air through the inlet holes in the base then utilizes the impeller to force the air upward in the device. Next, as Mr. Dyson describes in a YouTube video, the air is propelled out of 2.5 mm openings in the air loop and is amplified up to 6 times by the surround air. Thus, this Fan Heater amplifies by both inducing (i.e., pulling air from behind the fan) and enhancing (i.e., pushing air that surrounds the air loop) ambient air. This process of amplifying air aids in explaining how this device is capable of altering a temperature of a room so quickly.

Unlike an electric fan, there is a lack of the unappealing metal cage and plastic fan blades. Thus, cleaning only involves unplugging the product and gently wiping down the inner surface, when cool to the touch. Also, traditional fans’ motors produced a cacophony of noise, while the AM05 is substantially quieter with the only audible sound being flowing air.

This author’s previous, electric space heater would utilize so much energy that it was capable of “tripping” the circuit breaker and would occasionally emit a faint, yet, still disconcerting smell of smoke. Dyson’s Fan Heater is reported to use 30% less energy than other portable electric heaters and does not reach temperatures high enough to vaporize dust particles.

When operating the heater portion of Dyson’s Fan Heater, the upper portion of the product can become hot to the touch and accordingly should be located outside of the grasp of children. In terms of safety, the AM05 completely contains the heating element as well as the other moving parts within the product. Additionally, the design intentionally lowers the center of gravity that not only aids with the manual tilt functionality (i.e., allowing the product to rotate downward or upward to better direct the airflow), but, also, lessens the chance of the device toppling over. Moreover, if the Fan Heater were tipped over then it would automatically turn itself off to prevent overheating or even fire.

Dyson’s AM05 Hot + Cool Fan Heater is an excellent product regardless of the season, as it easily adjusts the indoor climate to a desired temperature. This product is directly inline with Mr. Dyson’s past inventions by featuring a beautiful exterior design coupled with internal technological upgrades. Thus, Dyson’s Fan Heater excels in this product category and is the best that his author has used to date.

Rating: 5+ out of 5

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