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Dynamite and Comic Book Men’s CryptozoicMan # 1 review

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Cryptozoic Man # 1


If you are a fan of the TV series Comic Book Men, then you will no doubt know of the comic series Cryptozoic Man. The series was created by stars Walt Flanagan and Bryan Johnson and unlike the normal comic creation process fans were along for the ride to see them come up with the idea, pitch it to Dynamite and head to print like never before. Now this series is ready for the public, but are they ready for this unique series?

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Cryptozoic Man follows a middle-aged husband/father, who sees his life quickly unravel when his daughter goes missing on a camping trip in the Pacific Northwest. After Gray aliens abduct him from a roadside bar, he learns that the fate of the world is dependent on trapping the world's most legendary cryptids within him, not to mention defeating a psychopath in a pig-shaped leather bondage mask. Despite the already awesome aspect of seeing this book come to life in the TV series, the idea and look for this series is easily the most unique to come along in some time. This is one of those books that are so far out in left field of absurdity that it delivers on every level. The throwback to the old school monster books of the 70s only adds the insanely cool character designs taking comics back to a genre that has just been lacking for years. Walt Flanagan’s artwork is tailor made for this genre and is both disturbing and beautiful to look at. Flanagan and Johnson’s story is simplistic enough to keep new fans to the genre intrigued, but complex enough to keep the respect to the genre and its fans pleased. All of these qualities come through in every aspect of the book, but none more so in the simple disturbing design of the pig man character that is wrong on so many levels but works all so perfectly.

This is one of those books that you would never expect to get made, but the exact kind that we should have more of. It is balls to the wall imagination unleashed with the rules thrown out the window to deliver a thing of comic beauty. Whether you are a fan of the series or monster comics you should really take a chance on this book if for no other reason to see the madness that has escaped the twisted minds of the Comic Book Men.

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