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@DylanPrime TriBeCa

Lamb Tartar at Dylan Prime
Lamb Tartar at Dylan Prime
Dylan Prime

Dylan Prime NYC TriBeCa


New York City is blessed with an abundance of restaurants catering to all types of cuisines to please every palate. Literally, you could eat out every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner for a year and still only touch a small part of NYC's restaurant bonanza.

With so many restaurants to choose from, it is sometimes hard to make a decision of what cuisine to eat and where you want to eat it. It is always iffy when you are trying a new place. Will the food be good or just run of the mill? Do I want to go all the way uptown, downtown in Manhattan or venture out somewhere in one of the other four boroughs to get something to eat? Decisions, decisions, decisions!

Well, I am going to make it easy for you to pick a place for dinner tonight. Let it be Dylan Prime. Located in trendy TriBeCa at 62 Laight Street, this place is definitely your place for dinner tonight. The atmosphere is casual sheik in its refurbished digs of the landmark Dietz Lantern Building. With a full bar and wine cellar, you will definitely find something to quench your thirst as you peruse the menu. I started with a martini.

The wait staff is genuinely friendly and knowledgeable about the menu options. Dana was the manager the evening I went. She visited all the tables to make sure that her customers are comfortable and well serviced, as well as well satisfied with Dylan Prime's offerings. To me, having a well-trained staff and manager that knows how to work the room is what turns a good eating establishment into a great dining experience. You don't ever want to ask for more water; your glass should always be full. The wait staff should reflexively provide you with great service. Well, this joint definitely has good reflexes.

Dylan Prime is known for its aged beef, but it has many other non-meat items on the menu, such as their tuna, chicken, rabbit, lamb and pork options. For me, I came for the meat and the meat is what I ordered—a 16-ounce rib-eye medium rare. But before that hits my table, I had to try some of their appetizers: a charchuterie board filled with cured meats, pate, pickled items and crusty bread. Then there were the sweetbreads and artichokes and the Chef's specialty appetizer of the evening, a lamb tartar.

I am very particular about my lamb. I will admit that I am a lamb snob. It has to be prepared correctly or I am not going to like it. I have been known to send an entree back when it was ill prepared. So, when Corey my waiter suggested the Chef's specialty appetizer de jour of lamb tartar, I made him keenly aware or my particularity. He assured me, without reservation, "you will love it."

The presentation of each appetizer was definitely pleasing to the eye. The charchuterie was filled with robust and salty delights and the sweetbreads were just yummy. Now to try the lamb tartar. Atop the lamb was toasted lavash and pickled veggies with cilantro leaves artistically placed and a smear of a dark brown black garlic sauce ran across the plate.

This plate was calling to me. OK. This was the moment. Without hesitation, I dove right in and took a forkful of the tartar. I closed my eyes and inserted the fork into my mouth. As the meat swirled about, I was hit with many different flavors. There was some ginger, soy sauce, herbs and the sweet taste of mirin.

I stopped to savor it just for a few seconds and came to the immediate conclusion that I wanted more. Now I added the dark glistening sauce to the fork and then the lamb. Pow! The rich sweet taste of black garlic mixed with the other flavor points created, yes, a foodgasm! I was in love. I was tingling all over. I ate the whole darn thing.

After taking the last bite, I was acutely aware that I had completely cleaned the plate. At this very moment, Dana appeared and asked how I liked the tartar. Like Oliver Twist, I lifted my plate and said, "more please." But there was no time for more, as my ribeye was being served.

The warm white plate highlighted the crusty char of that 16-ounce ribeye, which is one big piece of meat. Also on the plate was a small drizzle cup filled with lobster sauce. Two sides accompanied this: sautéed mushrooms and roasted Brussel sprouts.

The steak was grilled perfectly. That wonderful salty char and when you cut into it, the meat was just the way I like to see it. It was tender and juicy. The mushrooms were lightly sautéed and the sprouts, well they rivaled my own. And that lobster sauce was just the icing on the meat. I had my choice of a side sauce and I was so glad that I ordered the lobster sauce.

To wash it all down, I had a glass of the house merlot. Delightful. Full bodied. It was pretty darn good for a house wine.

Dessert was not easy to choice from. Everything looked good, but I was full. Well, not full enough because I had to order the Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Mousse. It was just the right size, creamy and not too sweet. It was a fitting end to a great meal.

I so enjoyed my time at Dylan Prime. So much so, I sent pictures from Instagram to Facebook and Twitter while I was dining. Yes, I was that impressed. Kudos goes to Executive Chef Michael Berardino for his most enjoyable culinary wares. This was a true dining experience that you should not forego for lunch or dinner. I have done all the legwork for you. Now go and enjoy!

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