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Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson brings fun, adventure, and heart as Hercules



Today Paramount Pictures releases action adventure film HERCULES nationwide. The film stars Dwayne The Rock Johnson (Fast & Furious), who brings a spirit of fun, adventure, and a lot of heart to this epic tale. As director Brett Ratner puts it “Dwayne was born to play Hercules, his dedication to embodying him was amazing. He trained from the crack of dawn every day. Of course Dwayne has done many big action movies before -- but I don’t think he’s ever played a role quite like this one. This has the big spectacles, the fighting and the fun, but it also has incredible emotion and heart.”

Dwayne the Rock Johnson  as Hercules is held prisoner
Dwayne the Rock Johnson as Hercules is held prisoner
Paramount Pictures
Aksel Hennie  (Tydeus), Ingrid Bols Berdal (Atalanta), Dwayne Johnson (Hercules), Reece Ritchie ( Iolaus),  Rufus Sewell ( Autolycus) in HERCULES
Kerry Brown

The story follows Hercules a demi-god whose mother was human and whose father is Zeus himself. Hercules is a tortured soul who has spent his life running from who he is. After bringing the heads of the Hydra to KING EURYSTHEUS/Joseph Fiennes (American Horror Story) Hercules returns to his chambers. Later he awakens to find his wife and children slaughtered and his won hands covered with blood. Hercules is quickly deemed as the killer and forced to go on the run.

Soon he is transformed into a hardened mercenary bent on killing. Haunted every moment by the past, he realizes he must come to terms with who he is. Along his conquests he has made some friends who share his love of fighting. His nephew IOLAUS/Reece Ritchie (10,000 BC) the storyteller, AMPHIARAUS/Ian McShane (Deadwood) the soothsayer, AUTOLYCUS/Rufus Sewell (and TYDEUS/Aksel Hennie the warriors, and the beautiful and fearless archer ATALANTA/Ingrid Bolsø Berdal (Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters).

The group soon finds themselves in an epic battle between greedy leaders RHESUS/Tobias Santelmann, COTYS/John Hurt and KING EURYSTHEUS/Joseph Fiennes who all seem to share a thirst for power at all cost. There are great characters,sets, costumes, makeup, 3D effects ,musical score set to an exciting storyline. Although there is lots of violence, and dead body parts there were many laughs. Most of the comic relief was provided by the character Amphiaraus the soothsayer who seems to always be predicting his own death. Also refreshing was seeing a strong female role in Atalanta the archer who kicks some serious butt!

Is the story somewhat predictable yeah...but so what! It was a fun ride, filled with highs, lows and even jump out of your seat moments. Isn't that what great movies are all about? So...If you are in the mood for a fun movie this weekend go check out Hercules for yourself.

As always check your local listings for showtimes.

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