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DVD Review: Worlds Together Cuba

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Worlds Together Cuba


This documentary about the island nation of Cuba allows everyone who watches to get the opportunity of seeing the country in a down to earth sort of way. You will get the chance to see the countries health care, history, religion, cuisine, and education. For teachers this video could be a god send. Your students get to see the lay out of the land so to speak. They will learn how children their own age go to school and play. They will learn that education is free from K-University. You will also learn that daycare is free for 7and under.

The documentary looks at the capital Havana and the eastern city of Baracoa. The DVD also shows just how large the land mass of this nation encompasses. Cuba is not just one big island but is made up of some 4000 smaller islands

The main source of its economy is agriculture. The nation produces sugar, tobacco, maize, mangoes, pineapples, coffee, and rice just to name a few. In recent years tensions between Cuba and the United States have eased. There is more contact between the two nations since the days of Fidel Castro. In Florida I can say we have many people who live among us from the nation of Cuba. I can speak that I personally have many friends who were born in Cuba and migrated to the United States. They are some of the best people around.

Master Communications is bringing this wonderful DVD to us on September 9, 2014. The quality of the DVD is excellent. The visual and sound are wonderful and give you an enjoyable experience of the country of Cuba.

Worlds Together is also bringing DVDs on the Nations of Ecuador and Columbia on September 9, 2014. These are fantastic for teachers and families alike. You don't even have to get a passport to enjoy the sights and sounds of Cuba. There is also a look at the music of this country and that is such an enjoyable sound. So get ready to enjoy a country that for many years was off limits to Americans and now we can sit in our living rooms and feel that Cuban beat and smell that wonderful food. Enjoy.