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DVD review: 'Warehouse 13: Season 5'

'Warehouse 13: Season 5'


The Sy Fy Channel has been known to create some dreadfully, laughably terrible low-budget movies. What they have been able to do is to occasionally make a fantastic TV series.

'Warehouse13: Season 5'
'Warehouse 13: Season 5'

The greatest and most successful of these is 'Warehouse 13'.

Let us explore the fifth and final season.

Please read up on the fourth season to get an idea where we are in the show.

After everything that gang has been through, there are some not-so-subtle hints that Warehouse 13's time of existence might be coming to a close. Will it be taken over by evil forces, be destroyed or simply fade away?

No matter what, Pete, Myka, Claudia, Jinks and Artie will do what they can to save their home, and the world.

Of course the season's brevity is disappointing, but that also means that the conclusion isn't overly drawn out.

The flow of this season is a little strange. The first few episodes seem like your standard adventures for the crew. Then, the second-to-last episode launches us into a huge, climactic dilemma and sees the return of an old foe. For a final episode, we are left with off on a relatively low-key, reflective note that veers dangerously close to being a clips episode. Things conclude in a satisfying manner and nothing is done that should upset any longtime fans, but it might have been nice to end on a suspenseful two-parter that fit everything in without such a climactic occurrence feeling so rushed and squeezed in.

Special features include: deleted/extended scenes, podcasts, a holiday episode, behind the scenes, and a gag reel.

It would have been nice to have had a little more time with 'Warehouse 13' but we should probably be grateful that it had a chance to give us resolution while still at the height of its powers.

When it comes to beloved shows, it's always nice to wish there would have been more than to wish it had stopped earlier.

Add an extra half star to this rating.

Not Rated 261 minutes 2014

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