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DVD review: Veronica Mars: I need your help, Veronica

Veronica Mars


Veronica Mars (the movie) is a nifty happenstance that is the first journey onto the silver screen that showcases the return of the teen private eye who was embraced by a generation of adolescents. This is the big screen debut that continues the adventures of the sassy post pubescent private eye from Neptune, California. The film is the culmination of the fan outcry to get the short lived television show to the big screen. The movie stars Kristen Bell (Hit and Run), Jason Dohiring (Deep Impact), Enrico Colantoni (Contagion), Chris Lowell (The Help), Percy Daggs III (American Son), Tina Majorino (Napoleon Dynamite), Krysten Ritter (She’s Out of My League), Martin Starr (This is the End), and Jerry O’Connell (Scary Movie 5).
Despite only appearing of network television for 3 years (2004-2007), The television show, Veronica Mars, created an incredibly loyal fan base. These devoted followers were crying for more and after a number of years of trying to get the film made, fan love and outcry helped to secure some of the money for the film. Some of the funding for the film was contributed by the fans through the Kickstarter campaign. The Kickstarter campaign was a program by Warner Bros for the fans to help raise money to get the film made.
"I need your help, Veronica" was one of the trademark catch phases from the show. That saying along with Kristen Bell who resumes the role of the titular character as the movie, Veronica Mars, picks up 9 years after the show. The movie and the story within the film have the exact time table. The motion picture is creatively and smartly written so that it satisfies both the devout following of the show and it is entertaining enough that it keeps newcomers. It begins with a quick montage that recaps much of the show. A very good approach for the audience members who never seen the show (like me). The plot revolves around Veronica attempting to prove the innocence of her former love interest by trying to solve the mystery of the death of a former classmate. The events of the film are “creatively” interwoven around the 10 class reunion for the former teen private eye; a very nice touch that allows the audience to reconnect with the old cast.
The cast of the movie is comprised almost completely of actors who resume their roles from different episodes of the show. This was a very smart approach to the film that makes this film like an extension of the show and not some throw together big budget film that trying to suck the money from its fan base. Kristen Bell resumes the role that made her a star. She plays it like a second skin. I’ve never seen any of the TV performances but if they were anything like this one, then I could see why the show had some level of Popularity. The rest of the cast is decent but not outstanding. It also features a number of small cameos from the likes of Dax Sheppard, Justin Long, and James Franco.
I have never seen any episodes of the television. So I went into this film completely blind. I had heard about the show but was intrigued by the previews so I gave this a chance. To my surprise, the film was pretty decent. It was an easy film to watch and it really connected itself to the show. It doesn’t bombard you with so much back story that those who have never seen can’t keep up or enjoy the film as a standalone feature. The movie feels more like a movie of the week as opposed to a big screen feature. The movie doesn’t create a great deal of suspense nor does it build a great deal of anticipation as Veronica attempts to solve the mystery. However, it’s still enjoyable. Veronica Mars isn’t a must see but it won’t disappoint. I wouldn’t suggest buying it unless you’re a fan of the show. Netflix or Redbox only but it is more than entertaining enough to offset a boring night at home.