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DVD review: Vampire Academy: A nauseating, adolescent approach to vampires

Vampire Academy


The unwavering love affair that movie lovers have with Vampires is at an all-time high. In recent years, with the success of The Twilight saga, there has been a completely new generation that has now fallen under the spell of those who want to “suck your blood.” Twilight has made the once menacing character fun, friendly, and lovable. Now more than ever before, droves of teenagers are flocking to the characters and all the twilight-esque movies that are sprouting up as the “Twilight” effect on the movie industry has reached epidemic status.
Vampire Academy is a melodramatic, nauseating disaster that is the latest unfortunate, pubescent-focused perspective on the vampire mythos. This debauchery is just a teenager’s wet dream that is given life on the silver screen. This catastrophe is just a regurgitated tale of friendship and maturation that lacks universal appeal. The film hit the theaters in February of 2014 and is based on the best-selling books by Richelle Mead that was first published in 2007. The film stars Zoey Deutch (Beautiful Creatures), Lucy Fry (Paper Tiger), Danila Kozlovsky (The Spy), Gabriel Byrne (The Usual Suspects), Dominic Sherwood (Not Fade Away), and Olga Kurlenko (Oblivion).
This is clearly a teenage MOCKERY of Vampires. Vampire Academy is a the oft told coming of age story. The singular thing that this depravity is using to differentiate itself from the other considerable number of coming of age stories is that it uses the “Twilight” approach to vampires to tell its story. It revolves around a young vampire princess who attends a school that is used to develop and culminate the Vampire species as well as the humans who have sworn to protect them. This tale divides the vampires species into 3 levels of Vampires; Strigoi, Dragonmire, and Moroi each one has aspects of the classic vampire elements.
Vampire Academy is a film that is made for a specific audience. It’s just another adolescent focused depravity that is attempts to make capitalize on the unfortunate “Twilight-esque” take on vampires. In its stripped down basic version; it’s just another sick coming of age story. The movie has good themes in place that they use this skewered tale of the undead to address very relevant social issues such as Bullying, gossiping, and many of the usual worse to first elements of your coming of age tale.
Vampire Academy feels like Bratz with fangs. There is very little to be positive about within this debauchery. If you like Twilight and what it has done for this character then this is a movie you’ll find enjoyment in and if you don’t then you will feel as though every minute is like you’re being tortured. I can certainly see why they made it into a movie but who knows how or why this novel ever became popular. Vampire Academy will be very difficult for anyone beyond its target audience to find any level of enjoyment beyond it. It has some very brief humorous moments but they aren’t anywhere close to be enough to offset this depravity. The cast is comprised of young mostly unknown actors and actresses. It feels like 90210 meets Twilight, its nice and pretty as well as being extremely superficial, just what will attract young movie goers. The verdict is that this is not worthy of being bought on DVD and barely worthy of renting it from Redbox. If you want to endure some torture with your teenagers then by all means check it out on Netflix or maybe catch it on cable but DON’T spend any more than you have to!