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DVD review: Twilight Zone: Season 2 offers brilliance even in bare-bones release

DVD: Twilight Zone: Season 2
Image Entertainment

Twilight Zone: Season 2


Studio Synopsis: The Twilight Zone remains television's most treasured anthology program. The brainchild of writer and narrator Rod Serling -- inspired by the pulp comics, novels and sci-fi films of his youth -- the series introduced its own special brand of weirdness to viewers on October 2, 1959. As a program that correctly billed itself as one "of shadow and substance, of things and ideas," The Twilight Zone left indelible tracks -- not to mention unforgettable theme music -- and created stars both on-screen, William Shatner, and off-screen including directing vets Don Siegel (Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Dirty Harry), Richard Donner (The Omen, Lethal Weapon) and Ida Lupino (The Hitch-Hiker).

Studio: Image Entertainment
Running Time: 749 minutes
Rating: NR
Number of Disks: 5

Special Features:

- King Nine Will Not Return
- The Man in the Bottle
- Nervous Man in a Four Dollar Room
- A Thing About Machines
- The Howling Man
- Eye of the Beholder
- Nick of Time
- The Lateness of the Hour
- The Trouble with Templeton
- A Most Unusual Camera
- The Night of the Meek
- Dust
- Back There
- The Whole Truth
- The Invaders
- A Penny for Your Thoughts
- Twenty Two
- The Odyssey of Flight 33
- Mr. Dingle, the Strong
- Static
- The Prime Mover
- Long Distance Call
- A Hundred Yards over the Rim
- The Rip Van Winkle Caper
- The Silence
- Shadow Play
- The Mind and the Matter
- Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up?
- The Obsolete Man

Imagine if you will a DVD disc set…filled to the bursting point with an assortment of magnificently macabre tales and freakish delights. The stage is set…the lights are dimmed…and before you know it those all too familiar notes start their chilling chimes…doo-doo-doo-doo…doo-doo-doo-doo.

And while my score and Serling impressions read about as well as a three-eyed man using bifocal lenses, the nostalgia brought about by the “Twilight Zone” series resonates with audiences even today. Cutting edge back in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s, the Twilight Zone made its mission every week to frighten and fascinate the masses with elaborately odd tales and Sci-Fi ideas, dually raising the neck hairs of a glued-to-the-tube audience, while launching the early careers of legendary stars such as William Shatner, Don Rickles, and Dick York.

Season two is filled with a torrent of timeless tales, from a WWII Bomber pilot who has mysteriously lost his crew, and a genie who’s “be careful what you wish for” warnings go unheard, to a fired Santa Claus who is determined to have a Merry Christmas, the dangers of sinking all your beliefs into a fortune-telling machine, and including the now iconic “Eye of the Beholder” episode in which a woman goes under the knife in an attempt to look more “normal.”

Odder still is that Serling filled this season, and indeed the series, with many controversial themes slipped right past the watchful eyes of the; usually, unyielding censors. Aptly camouflaging his topics as science fiction drivel, Serling provided plenty of tasty and terrifying tidbits for viewers, ranted about social events at the time, and gave the series an air of underground flair and forbidden indulgence. Unfortunately, no extras are included in this season two set, which is usually typical of a series with this many years on it, but considering the massive offering of extras supplied in the season two Blu-ray release a few years ago this release is bare-bones indeed.

So if that signpost up ahead, fills you with more delight than dread, then the “Twilight Zone: Season Two” is your perfect portal into another dimension.

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Additional Resources:
Central Cast and Season 2 Guest Stars: Rod Serling | William Shatner | Agnes Moorehead | Art Carney | Bill Mumy | Buddy Ebsen | Burgess Meredith | Dick York | Don Rickles | Sydney Pollack
Creators: Rod Serling
Central Writers: Rod Serling
Television Premiere: October 2, 1959
Blu-Ray/DVD Release: June 4, 2013
Genre: Fantasy | Horror | Mystery
Supporting Cast and more Writers found HERE


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