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DVD review: This Is The End (2013): The most over rated comedy ever

This is the End (movie)


This Is The End is an over-hyped, offensive embrace of ridiculousness and absurdity. It’s a sparsely humorous take on the final days of Earth once the end of the world has begun. The movie featured some of today’s best comedic actors in a post-apocalyptic tale end of the world story where they portrayed themselves. The film stars Seth Rogan (The Green Hornet), Craig Robinson (Peeples), James Franco (127 Hours), Jonah Hill (21 Jump Street), Danny McBride (Your Highness), Michael Cera (Youth In Revolt), Jay Baruchel (She’s Gotta Have It), and Emma Watson (The Harry Potter movies). With appearances by Rihanna (Battleship), Jason Siegel (Bad Teacher), Kevin Hart (Let Me Explain), Christopher Mintz (Kick Ass 2), Hank Aziz (30 Minutes or Less), and Channing Tatum (White House Down).
The end of the world arises as the star studded cast take refuge in James Franco’s house.

This Is The End is an over-hyped, disappointing calamity. Although it was billed as one of last year's best comedies, it clearly isn't.
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This Is the End is just a waste of time. Most of the story makes little to no sense. This is The End is completely over the top. It has nearly no story and it’s just one over the top scene after the other. The movie has nearly no dialogue, 90% of it is laced with obscenities, vulgarities, and a pervasive use of too many sexual references. It’s like one big curse fest with a little story thrown in. Even the scenes were its moderately humorous are murdered by some idiotic moment that completely obliterates the enjoyment of the humor that preceded it.
The actors are billed as themselves but just like the film they are outrageous representations of themselves. Rogan, Barshecel, Franco, Robinson, Hill, and McBride are much like many of the characters that they have portrayed in some of their films. The best part of the film is when Rogan and Barchel arrive at Franco’s. It’s there were some of the true genius of the film resides. In those brief moments, the outrageousness of the film subsides for a moment to enable us to enjoy some “Saturday Night Live like” moments of sheer comedic genius. Cera as an outrageous party animal, Rihanna as a take no crap type of partier, and
The movie did not meet the hype. This is the End was billed as one of the summers best comedies of the summer. It’s nowhere near that funny. I don’t know who or what found it so funny. Most of the film is stupid and to say ridiculous is a clear understatement. The movie only has brief flickers of true comedy. Far too much of the humor is forced and uses the offensive dialogue as subterfuge to mask the shortcomings of a bad movie. Not only is the movie offensive, it’s downright stupid at best and idiotic at worst. Skip it and don’t believe the hype.