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DVD review: 'The Upright Citizens Brigade: The Complete Third Season'

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'The Upright Citizens Brigade: The Complete Third Season'


While the Upright Citizens Brigade has grown into a massive comedy training theater, one would be well-advised to not forget the three season run it had on Comedy Central.

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The first two seasons came to DVD some time ago, but the third season remained elusive for years for reasons that have confounded many.

The wait is finally over as 'Upright Citizens Brigade: The Complete Third Season' is upon us.

After not having seen the first two seasons for quite some time, it is hard to compare the quality. Comparison or not, these episodes are uniformly strong and are consistently funny. Ian Roberts, Matt Walsh, Amy Poehler, and especially Matt Besser all deliver fantastic performances and memorable characters. There have been times in the past where the episodes seemed a little unfocused, but everything here is tight and successful.

A strength of the show, aside from the sketches themselves, would be the transitions between and interconnected nature of the sketches. No doubt, this is due to their devotion to the long form improvisational structure known as 'The Harold'.

A minor gripe is that some of the video quality is a little grainy, no doubt a result of deterioration of the source material in the transfer. Elements that were very hit and miss for this examiner were the candid camera pranks played on unsuspecting civilians. A few added to the themes of the episode, but too many of them were just uncomfortable exchanges with confused people. That time could have been devoted toward one of the sketches or some other kind of transition scene. Oh well.

Special features include: a compilation of their candid pranks, some videotaped UCB sketches from over the years and commentary on a few very episodes. Considering this wraps the series up, some more features would have been nice, but oh well.

'The Upright Citizens Brigade: The Complete Third Season' was a long time coming to DVD. It's a fitting end to a show that was able to go out on top.

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Not Rated 274 minutes 2014


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